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  1. If you're going to btl, isn't it better to go for somewhere like Burnley or Blackburn? Costs are lower and plenty of state aided renters.
  2. Live on Al Jazeera with difficult to understand English translator .
  3. Tsipras is addressing parliament now. Bloody fool is doing it in Greek though.
  4. Find a way of encouraging people to move to places like Accrington where there are loads of empty buildings, some of which are already houses.
  5. I'm trying to find a better explanation but can't see one.
  6. Having played what was, by common consent, a blinder up to this point you can't rule out another cunning Greek plan being cooked up at this point. However, I really can't see what it might be.
  7. Guess what: I've got to pay the balance in Euros on my holiday some time this week, having paid the deposit in January. Nice.
  8. I rarely stop to think about Scotland at all to be honest but as an observation, I'd say that further north in England you go, the less interested in Scotland people are. This is at odds with the incredibly noisy people, perhaps a couple of dozen, who posted all that cack about Lancashire, Yorkshire, Northumberland etc wanting to leave England and join Scotland, which just goes to show what you can do with a few spare hours and social media. If we can't have a fully devolved English parliament with the same remit as the Scottish one, then I just want English independence .
  9. What will the Irish make of it if the Greeks somehow remain in? They're going to feel like a right bunch of mugs.
  10. Nice to see the blank looks across the rest of the panel when he mentioned fractional reserve banking.
  11. Good thinking. Then bundle June with July, 2015 with 2016, 21st century with 22nd etc.
  12. Market sentiment suggesting a deal may be made this evening.....
  13. The fact that it's been so under-reported in the media us enough to put me off, by which I mean the average person has not heard of it. At all.
  14. I'm stunned by how much people paid to live in Bridgend the second time round, never mind the first.
  15. No chance of the Greek government announcing it's defaulting / walking away from the Euro before Thursday then? €200m payment to the IMF due on Wednesday.
  16. Just reading up on him now and his previous public statements really don't sound any different to those of Varoufakis.
  17. Who, us? How rude. As if we'd ever do such a thing. Yes.Hmm, no nothing, whatever would you mean? Yes.
  18. Not looked in this part of the forum for ages so I don't know if you're still looking but my wife's take on things would be that it's worth paying about £25,000 more to avoid an M26 postcode. But then she is a bit of a snob. Edit: also look around Mile Lane and Watling Street in Bury, and to the right of Brandlesholme Road as you leave Bury.
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