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  1. I'm not sure I see what the pencil's meant to be doing.
  2. I'm feeling lazy and can't be ar**ed buying the book, waiting for it to be delivered and then reading it. Can anyone tell me where the gold ended up?
  3. Have you looked at HSBC's international personal currency accounts? You can transfer money between them and a Sterling HSBC account. £3 per month charge for a Euro or Dollar account. £5 per month for others, although not every currency is available of course. Prices: http://www.hsbc.co.uk/1/2/personal/current...rgKYe:12ntf2618 What makes you think the Norwegian Krone is good? I must admit I've had a similar thought but that comes purely from my beginner's clueless guesswork. Strangely, I'm also wondering if Iceland is another one worth a look for hedging purposes.
  4. I wonder if they'd do a deal over fixtures and fittings? If they would I'd offer them a grand to take that horse's head away with them.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB4rv1OuqSA Filthy vermin.
  6. She has her knockers, so it's nice to see her getting some support on here.
  7. Sellafield is not too far away which might explain why local average earnings may be relatively high (I have no evidence to back that up, it's just a guess) and also why not so many people want to live there.
  8. Thanks DiggerUK for a clear and well-written reply. I'm giviing this some serious thought at the moment but, if it turns out to be a good idea, I'll probably miss the boat!
  9. Everybody got 5% of basic as a bonus, instead of a "pay rise", which was still nice. On the other hand 1/3 of my pay is commission and sales are down 30%. About -5% overall.
  10. It was suggested to me elsewhere on this forum that deflation could cause a dramatic fall in the value of gold. I don't understand the mechanics of this; in my beginner's mind I can't see why the headline price of gold wouldn't just fall in line with the general fall in prices. I'd like to tap your minds to expand this a little by asking what would happen to the value of gold for a UK citizen (and why/how) if:- 1)- Sterling plummets relative to all other currencies. Presumably if it halves in value against the Dollar, then gold becomes twice as expensive??? 2)- The Dollar plummets, relative to all other currencies. If the Dollar halves against the Pound, then does the price of gold just double in Dollars, or does it become cheaper for us? 3)- Sterling and the Dollar plummet, relative to all other currencies. 4)- UK Inflation rises to perhaps 5 to 10% for a couple of years. 5)- Hyperinflation in the UK and/or US. 6)- Some deflation for a couple of years. 7)- Deflation for a few years. 8)- Steady rise in stock markets over a few years. 9)- Fall, either steady or quick, in stock markets. Expert opinions welcome from people who really know what they're talking about!
  11. You definitely want an "in real terms" clause in there.
  12. Will anyone swap an onion and a lettuce for my sugar and jam? I could get 2 really nice cheeseburgersr from the rest and still have a cup of black tea and a boiled egg left over for the rest of the week.
  13. Thanks for the info DrGUID. You talk a lot of sense. Certainly we have thought about picking up a 2 bed terrace, but would probably wait a few months expecting further falls. There are certain areas in east Manchester which will benefit from the expansion of the tram network, and others in Salford where much of the BBC is moving to, so that's a distinct possibility as these areas should outperform the average. We're still not there yet, but a purchase price of £60k might give a net return of 6 or 7% on current rents after allowing for an agency fee and a reserve for repairs. Don't need an agent I suppose. Risk of not finding a tenant or worse, getting one who doesn't pay up. Events of the last couple of years suggest we might not make a killing on the sale price for quite some time! Interesting what you say about gold. I suppose I've looked at it as something that won't drop by much but would be more likely to go up. How could deflation cause such a fall? If prices fall by 10% over the next 18 months, wouldn't gold just fall at the same rate, leaving it unchanged in real terms? China has been investing lots of money in several African countries' infastructure including education. My guess is that they can see the day when it's too expensive to manufacture in China, so they will move the production lines to Angola, Mozambique etc. As that unfolds, it could be less improtant to keep the value of their currency low. I know currency is a risky area and all the more so when you believe that the Pound, Dollar and Euro all look to be at risk. I'm just casting around for countries that may not suffer as much, and China and Brazil came to mind first. Guesswork really!
  14. My wife inherited 1/3 of a house 18 months ago. Surprisingly, after little or no interest from buyers for months, a sale is now about to complete at around 90% of the 2007 valuation. Needless to say, choosing where to put the inheritance now is a scary prospect. As neither of us have really had the problem of looking after money before, we are pretty well clueless. Total is about £75K and helpful suggestions are welcome. My feelings would be right now that gold and/or silver are probably better than property, which in turn is probably just as bad as shares. A savings account may be better than any of this short term, with the government guaranteeing deposits. Some foreign currencies might be the best of the lot. I guess spreading the money around a few different things will probably reduce the risks and returns. Overall, my HPC "religious view" would be that the UK's looking pretty goosed and will be for years. After a bit of deflation, I reckon there will have to be some high inflation and interest rates to match. A couple of specific questions here: 1)- Might the deposit guarantee be pulled, amended, or simply defaulted by the government if they're in more crap than they are letting on? I suppose if they keep it at the same cash level, then inflation could render it much less worthwhile. 2)- If the Dollar absolutely crashes, how does this affect the price of gold? Presumably gold just shoots up by a corresponding amount so is there any point waiting for a better exchange rate to make the gold cheaper? 3)- Is the only way to buy Chinese Yuan to go and pick up travellers cheques or cash from the Post Office or Tesco or somewhere? Am I right in thinking you can't open a Yuan account? On the other hand of course, food for thought: 1)- The gold price is already high, so might not be a great idea. 2)- China, with all its manufacturing, might not want to see its currency go up too much - unless perhaps they want to buy the rest of the world at a knock-down price! Maybe a low-debt, service-based country's currency would be a better bet (is there such a thing?) 3)- Some shares will out perform others. May I respectfully point out that the kind of pseudo-humourous "Buy a gallon of cyanide and down it in one - we're all doomed anyway" replies already have several other perfectly good threads on the go. Equally, I understand perfectly well that "if we knew where the price of <insert something here> was going, we'd all be billionaires". That shouldn't mean that ideas can't be propsed and justifications attempted. Thanks for your understanding!!
  15. Aren't they full of our electrical waste being "disposed of ethically" under the WEEE regulations, into Chinese landfill sites instead of being buried here?
  16. Oh yes please.... You truckers' livelyhood is at risk so why don't you take action to destroy mine too? It won't save your jobs but you'll be able to look at me and think "at least that guy's in the same boat as me now". That should make you all feel much better. And seeing as I won't be contributing to the economy any more I can join you on the dole and we can all help to force up everybody else's taxes to pay for our benefits. When we've managed to bleed everyone else dry and force their employers to the wall under the increasing pressure of taxation, they can all sign on too. There won't be anyone left to pay our benefits but at least we won't be any worse off than anyone else. If an angry sales rep, who also needs to drive on motorways to make a living in order to put shoes on his kids' feet and cornflakes on the breakfast table, cuts you up tomorrow and gives you the one-fingered salute, it's probably me.
  17. I just tried the "Predict the General Election" app on that page. Conservatives - 40% Labour - 25% Lib Dem - 20% Other - 15% ...equals a Conservative majority of 70 Conservatives - 25% Labour - 40% Lib Dem - 20% Other - 15% ...equals a Labour majority of 136, almost double what the Conservative majority would be. How does that work?
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