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  1. Really? Go back and check the question on the referendum paper. Now answer, whose single market is it? Whose ECJ is it? FOM is a condition of which market?
  2. Whether our government is competent or not, and whether leaving the EU is a good thing or not, are two completely different things. Not later than 2020 we will have another general election. If we don't like the deal we get we will vote for someone else who will do a better job.
  3. I can only assume that people who bang on about hate crime in the UK don't have much, if any, experience of other countries to compare the UK against. You really need to stay home with the curtains closed for most of your life not see how open and tolerant the UK is both in absolute and in relative terms.
  4. Far from it. Not required of course, but should the globalist steamroller try the same trick as they did before in Ireland and Holland and tell us we got the decision wrong, there'll be another campaign where everyone will set out their positions, and we'll f**k them off a 2nd time. What people's opinions are tight now, when there's no voting to be done, is completely irrelevant. The UK is not Holland or Ireland.
  5. Nope, opposite way round. It's the amount of voters when the vote actually takes place that matters; when there is no vote taking place then the numbers are irrelevant.
  6. There's a stunning lack of understanding on the part of those who voted to remain in the EU non-democracy about the strength of feeling over this. I think a large number of them genuinely think that everyone who voted leave simply disappeared after the independence vote. Looks to me like ukip won't come back, so my money's on a new single issue "properly leave the EU" party being formed before the next election. If so, and if they mirror what early ukip stood for, then their potential is huge. We will leave the EU, the single market, and the ECJ. If it takes a change of government it will still happen. Those of us who opposed the EU's lack of democracy are still here, and the old parties are unwittingly conspiring to kill themselves over the matter. You won't have to vote for a far right party, just a sensible one. This matter WILL be settled.
  7. When we voted to leave, we did so knowing whose single market it was; knowing whose ECJ it was; and knowing where the legislation around freedom of movement of goods, some services, and people came from. So we've already had our vote on whether we like the deal we're getting or not. Having said that, if the government wants to put an alternative deal in front of us, we could have a referendum on that one - I suppose. If the majority favour it then great let's go for it. If not then let's stick with the one we've already chosen.
  8. Wow, there was me thinking that leaving the EU was all about removing ourselves from a political system where the sole route for new legislation to be introduced is via a group of commissioners that no-one's allowed to vote for. Silly me for over-thinking things and not realising it's simply a matter of primary school level name calling.
  9. We'll soon see if you're right when we have the result of next general election.
  10. We're having an election where we know for certain that Labour, Lib Dems, Greens and SNP are definitely of no use to those of us who want to leave the EU. Deep down the Conservatives might or might not want to be of lots, some, or no use to us. However, we can say for certain that they're not less useful than those other parties, and they've manoeuvred themselves into a position where they will be wiped out forever if they don't take us fully out of the EU. I'm making a big assumption here, but I get the impression you've not spent much time finding out what leave voters actually want. I think I'm fairly typical in my thinking when I say the kind of brexit I want is a "Thorough Brexit". Everything else is on hold until it's finished, so hopefully only for one general election, but for as many elections as is necessary if that's how it pans out. It's started; it is going to finish.
  11. Until we have left the EU we're going to see more and more of this tactic from the Enemies of Democracy: "Change the subject; look at something else, stop talking about the EU's faults and how to leave them behind and start talking about foxes". Foxes existed long before even the Coal and Steel Community did. They'll still be around long after the EU has ceased to be. First things first - leave the EU. Second things second - foxes, stuff like that.
  12. If like me, you voted to move away from a non-democratic form of government towards the (by no means guaranteed) possibility of implementing a system where we can vote for our legislators, then the only sensible thing to do is to treat this election as a rerun of the referendum. It's clear that the Lib Dems, Greens and Labour all want to prevent it from happening, preferring instead to keep us in the EU system where laws are proposed into the system by appointees who have no direct electoral link to the British people. It's equally clear that ukip aren't going to form the next government. So that just leaves the Conservatives. Like other democracy supporters, I distrust the Conservatives' desires in this area. However, they have somewhat painted themselves into a pro-democracy corner with their recent statements since May became leader. If they don't take us out of the EU, they will be finished as a political party forever after. It's the best and last chance we've got.
  13. There's a massive vertical building boom in Manc right now with a dozen or more 100 metre plus towers either going up or just about to, nearly all residential. Lots of foreign, particularly Chinese, money going in. It's wealthy individuals rather than large scale buying off plan Btl. If you want a safe haven then I guess the risk of making a 50% profit or a 25% loss while receiving a rental income is a better prospect than seeing your own country's currency collapse or banks bailed in. Not all the money will have been legally earned and some will be hidden from the tax man too. So it makes perfect sense for a lot of people who don't personally need to care about any negative consequences for people who grow up here.
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