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  1. Can I be put in the Trolls group please? Thank you
  2. I bet you are the type who goes home and counts his pennies after a "hard" days work. People like you never learn. You want a crash at other people's expense. You are in the minority.... you have no control over the government at all, so why don't you do yourself a favour and shut it? Or keep saving your pennies, you might be able to afford a pix-n-mix if you're lucky
  3. You're not thinking outside of the box, my main man. You have to bend it like Beckham. Surely you know you have to be a deceitful, manipulative lieing git to get anywhere in this world? If you want to win, think like a market winner. If the heat is too hot, get out of the jungle
  4. I agree 100% with you. It's how business is done, and as you say, nobody would have a house otherwise. If you want a good house, you have to borrow good money. Sure, you can buy a horrid little 1 bedder for the low sum of £150K in a below average area, but who wants to live like that?
  5. Stupid people, very stupid people. Sorry, but I feel it is my turn to come in. I have been watching the posts in this forum for some time now, and I have always resisted the temptation to post, but now I just have to. There is not going to be a house price crash!! All this talk of 50% here, 40% off there - not going to happen Im afraid. The best you will get is a further 5% before prices start to go back up, probably by the autumn. If you have not got a house, be sure to get one now or you really will miss out on a golden opportunity. House prices are low at the moment. Do you really think the government is going to allow people to lose thousands on their homes? Course not, I know as I work in a public sector department dealing with this every day. The staff in my department are working very hard to ensure measures are being put in place to stop people from losing their houses. There will be limited forces sellers - the only ones we know of will be those who have to move for personal or employment reasons, but usually they are in a good financial position anyway so no matter. Its now or never.
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