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  1. I would like to see necks stretched, but we will never see UK civil disobedience. At best, after a few hot nights we see a few chavs after hours shopping for more Waynette wear.
  2. Of course they don't! Whilst the question lacks a question mark, caring is not part of their remit, nor is defending a currency.
  3. carried on by Tiny Tears May, and are already baked into Boris's lies for the membership vote.
  4. Watch “Targets” become “Aspirations”, and MP’s become “Even bigger liars”. They wonder why they hated so much like Boris.
  5. Currently in the villages around Aylesbury. Stopped looking about 2 years ago when prices went window licking mad, now there’s some little rollback. Still Space Cadet crazy for Pikey tat.
  6. Within 10 years the EU will need such help.
  7. I do, and over that time I’ve seen my cash pile keep up with mental house prices. I visit here BECAUSE I have no wish to over pay vastly for tat, and see what vacuous knobbers are trying hard to say, whilst for self-centred ideas trying to promote home “ownership”.
  8. I’ve rented for 10 years, after owning - and it isn’t. Do we cancel each other out, or qualify as anecdotal?
  9. With proposed Tax cuts for middle earners, a possible vote on Fox hunting, and out Brexiting the Brexit Party, what possibly can go wrong? Oh, you meant a GE.
  10. Cheap money to finish this Autumn, when they realise promises and saying goodbye aren’t conducive.
  11. Trying hard to move off the same shelf as Harry Potter. “Cred” shot.
  12. I am middle aged, but being driven to Socialism to get rid of those Tory bastards.
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