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  1. Too far away from central london unfortunately...
  2. Thanks! You seem very knowledgable. Might ask you more questions after paying the area a visit later.
  3. How does south hampstead/ swiss cottage compare to West Hampstead?
  4. There are a few i know... hotproperty, findaproperty, primelocation...etc which is the best for searching properties? Thanks
  5. If I buy it for a good price, live there for 5 years, sell it off - move to a nice house Don't see a problem with that! My concern is that it will be hard to offload such a property becuase many in this country dislike this sort of building. Further, I think 'landmark' buildings keep its place pretty well in the market. We can see this from buildings like Ontario Towers.
  6. http://miranda.hemscott.com/static/cms/5/2...145/3190758.pdf Tower Hamlets worst London performer - sign of bargains to come near CW?
  7. Highrise buildings are not as monstrous as people in this country make it. Every big city in the world apart from London seem to be into the luxury high rise developments. I respect that, because I agree that to an extent houses are more confortable and attractive to live in. But the convenience of high rise portered place that is situated within 5 minutes of your workplace is a huge plus for those, like me, working in canary wharf. The transport is pretty fantastic, with jubilee line and dlr within a few minutes.
  8. How does see people see West Hampstead as an area? How was prices changed since the recession? --> Good time to buy now? Anyone live near there at the moment? What are your experiences?
  9. Very interesting. I'll go there this weekend to have a look. Thanks!
  10. Oh I was not sure. I have only heard that people have described West Hampstead similar to the difference of South Kensinton and West Kensington.
  11. Surely that's more the person's fault than the property's? What's the story behind that?
  12. I don't particularly see what is the big prob with this site, unless Im missing something. Inside the building is very nice, the location is very good (esp for people working at canary wharf). The only problem is the price really for me?
  13. I am looking into getting a 1 bed there for around 250k. Any chance for this to be possible in the coming months?
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