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  1. So much for freedom of speech. [Moderator edit: Two of Large's posts, where he compared the moderators of this site to Nazis have been removed. He was asked to apologise but declined, preferring to whinge about freedom of speech. Large is henceforth banned from this website.]
  2. In the days of modern media, where information is controlled by a few, it is possible to conceive that the Illuminati are indeed a club trying to control and manipulate global events. However, I don't believe that people ae actually clever enough to do that effectively, and whilst there are groups who try and succeed to influence political and financial institutions, their ultimate power is limited. Our current boom bust way of living is quite simply down to the fact that the majority of people are greedy and stupid, if there are people out there far-sighted and smart enough to take advantage of the sheeple, then who can blame them.
  3. They'd tax the gas coming out of my **** if they could stand the smell!
  4. I do trade my own shares on line ( and beat most of these fund managers, just showing what a bunch of amateur muppets they really are) but I don't have that luxury with my company pension scheme. Also, your/our tax money is going in their pockets as they will be trading shares owned by goverment pension funds etc.
  5. We have the mother of all high pressures building over Scandiniavia from Thursday onwards. These buggers tend to stick around for at least two to three weeks, even a month or more sometimes (winters of 47 and 63, 85 and 86). All the weather forecasts are coming into line on this one, so we will have at least one week when the temp doesn't get above 0c even during the day and night time temps will go below -10 in central England northward. The chances of snow are very high from the middle of next week (14th Jan) onward as a low pressure tries to push the high back. Over the past ten years the low has usually won, but this high is such a monster that all the low can do is nudge against it's Western fringe and dump shed loads of snow across Western and Southern Britain. Europe will be even colder, France and Germany will have max daytime temps below -5, and nightime temps below -15...so they won't be needing their gas will they. Three day week anyone? Add in the first confirmed case of human to human bird flu transmission later this month, and we have the beginnings of the perfect economic storm that will bring our debt fueled economy to its knees. And all this could have been avoided if they'd kept house prices in the CPI (not the bird flu, and cold weather of course).
  6. Thanks for the laugh, you're better than Benny Hill!
  7. If you didn't have kids it'd be a no-brainer. As others have said, I'd suspect infidelity. My marriage went tits up a few years ago, and I didn't for a moment suspect she was up to anything. About a year after the divorce I found out she'd been shagging a senior director at her firm. I am now grateful to her for what she did as I live a debt free life with a woman 12 years younger than me who is everything my ex-wife wasn't, and most of all she isn't materialistic and would rather have savings, and a bit of money to go travelling, than have a massive mortgage around our necks. Seriously, get a PI and find out what she's up to. If she's not being unfaithful, try to fix your marriage, even consider buying a house if that's what it takes, but use delaying tactics in the hope that the market will start to fall and she'll change her mind. If the PI proves what some of us here suspect, cry for a few hours, then get hard. Don't give her a penny more than you have to in the divorce, and don't feel sympathy...her lawyer will try to screw you for every last penny of that 80k, and she will come up with all kinds of sob stories and manipulations to get that money out of you (that didn't happen to me, I got the money I wanted, my ex-wife bought me out for 65k, since then the property has lost over 15k in value, and she has been trying to sell it for 9 months, but my uncle wasn't so lucky. My aunt was screwing someone else, and then completely screwed my uncle in the divorce because he was too nice.) I do really feel for you, what you are going through now and what you will go through over the next months and years is truly horrible. From my point of view, the one thing that kept me together was my Christian Faith, if I hadn't had that I think I'd have topped myself or be lying in the gutter smelling of piss by now.
  8. Why do these *****ers get such big bonuses? Any idiot can make money in a bull market. They should fine them when they lose money in a bear market. It's the biggest scam in the land...get little Harry a job in the city, and he will cream off the profits from other peoples pensions in the good years and sit back and laugh in the lean years. I got offered a job in the City with a Jap investment bank the same day I got offered a research job with Pfizer after I finished my Ph.D., I took the Pfizer the job, no matter how much money Nomura waved at me, I couldn't justify squandering my education and talent on chasing numbes round a screen all day just to get fat at other people's expenses. They really are bigger vermin than estate agents...they make nothing and take everything.
  9. If our economy goes into recession, the Eastern Europeans will head home with the money they've made. What's the point in staying in a country which is so expensive if they can't get work? Also Eastern Europe will be a nicer place to live come the next decade, as they are undergoing massive regeneration in their ecomomies and infrastruactures. In many ways I can see people heading from here to live there. This whole baby boom thing sounds perfect for me. I'll be looking to buy a flat in a few years time when that sector of the market is near the bottom, hopefully with a 50% deposit, then i'll wait for five years and see all these boomers trying to shift their four bed detached houses, and pick one of those up for a bargain. In the mean time I will enjoy the cheap rents that are on offer due to the oversupply of these flats owned by boomers who are trying to provide extra pension income. STRs have got it made.
  10. Excellent post. We need to keep reminding ourselves of how the VIs ramped the market last time and to actually see quotes that mirror what we read and hear everday, is very helpful.
  11. Having seen that Times graph, maybe the VIs have reason to be optomistic. ********.
  12. "Overall, prices have fallen on average 1.57% during 2005, the group added." Hometracks 0.1% rise. Notice how these bastards change from MOM to YOY and vice versa when it suits them. The YOY drop is completely ignored by everyone, and it would seem, us. In other words spin works. Sometimes its like living in the Soviet block pre 1990, how do they get away with it?
  13. The same is going to happen in Brighton.
  14. This sector of the market is going to go into freefall. We will see properties that are currently 250k being sold for 100-130k by the end of 2007, which is probably still a little much for what you are getting, but I would possibly think about buying at that level. Only the most desirable developments, such as the Pan Peninsula in the Docklands, will be able to ask more than 150k for a 2 bed flat in the future.
  15. But their shit stinks the same. I actually think this guy is spot on. He's not focused on the traditional BTL market, he has created a niche that is needed. I know loads of people who work on a project in a city for a month or two at a time and would much rather stay in a place that feels like a home rather than a hotel room (I stay in hotels a lot, and no matter how posh they are, a double bed in front of a TV, a desk and two chairs is not enough). He charges a premium for the service, but is still much cheaper than a stay in a hotel, and makes a profit. He's spread the risk by creating an investment club. His only problem would be if the service sector falters really badly, but even then accountants still need somewhere to stay. I respect this guy, he's not a sheeple, he's a smart businessman.
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