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  1. A News Story on the BBC 10 O'Clock News. IMO it looks like feelers are being sent out on behalf of the EU through Delors. This is the beginning of a new approach with the UK having a different relationship as Delors suggested a Privileged Partner. The negotiations will start in the near future IMHO. Now let`s sing a rousing rendition of Jerusalem.
  2. If they win Treaties change things to suit themselves as the Lisbon( European Constitution )Treaty.
  3. The Times As I have always suspected they are after Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer> One people, one empire, one leader. I honestly believe if this happens our Economy will go forward with free unobstructed freedom in the Commonwealth and Global Markets. That would be my dream. Fishing freely in our own waters again and if they said The Spanish would have very little fish I would reply let them eat cake.
  4. I know a case where a couple had rented both private and for 45 years LA. Saved hard for 60 years of their lives to make sure they could live a comfortable life in their retirement and maybe leave their children a little inheritance. Went into a home with serious medical conditions and dementia when she was widowed for three and a half years. LA made her pay 100% of her care and when the savings dropped to the threshold the LA under their new rules would only pay half until her savings literally dropped so she had enough for her funeral and solicitors probate costs. Cost to her £120k which included her pension collected over the period in care The husband was not out of work for even one day in 51 years and she worked part time. Except for their State Pension they never received any other benefits whatsoever. In the home was a very old Spanish lady who did not speak a word of English brought over by her children put into the home and the LA were forced to fund her care. You just can`t make it up.
  5. What a very sad person you are, are you a member of the Portuguese Maoist`s hit squad.
  6. They are told they must apply for 2 jobs a day even if they do not have the skills or the jobs are impracticable for travelling. The JC staff like the Bank`s selling staff are in fear of their own jobs IMHO. FFS what happened to the old and reliable Labour Exchanges. IDS you need to get a life and return to the real world. By all means go for the p*****s but don`t destroy the genuine who are desperate to find work. :angry:
  7. In my Town they have controlled zones near the Station from 10-30 am to 11-30 am, during that hour the little smart car with the revolving camera catches anybody foolish to park in the controlled zone during that time. You would have to park at least a mile away from the station.
  8. Signed up a JS today under this new JS website for Job Seeker plus. Submitted his CV and skills and type of job he was looking for. Six came up but were all Management jobs way above his skills. Applied for 3 driving jobs just required to attach his CV. The page showed how many jobs he had applied for which is accessible by the JC staff at his interviews. Most of the jobs were through private recruitment companies who tend to post non existent jobs or those which have already been filled. Tested this out for him a year ago and found the job he had applied for was filled 6 months previously. So employers receive a CV and if interested reply by email if not in the bin it goes and no we regret email sent to the JS. As I said before those who think up this method of applying for jobs live on a different planet.
  9. I have a program installed for many years on my Laptop which is no longer available which virtually sterilises my laptop. Finds cookies and IE cache what others fail to detect. Then I use disk scrubber software to overwrite to US Defence Standards.
  10. The Boomer's contributions was to pay The Silent Generation`s Pensions, Generation X pays for the Boomer's Pensions, and Generation Y will pay for Generation X`s Pension. Just ask Ann Widdicombe.
  11. I am at present helping someone who has not had a permanent job for 4 years not for the want of trying. In between periods on the dole they have been canvassing for window companies knocking on doors a soul destroying occupation on a commission basis only where some weeks they are out 10 hours a day in all weathers not even earning a penny. Tax year 2011/2012 they earnt £4.5k with phone and travel expenses leaving net earnings of £3.7k. Under Law required to submit a tax return although under their personal allowance and receiving a statement saying you have no tax to pay. Months later chased by the DWP asking for £191.00 NICs as a self employed person. Composing a letter for them which they signed the DWP came back saying that due to their low earnings they have wavered the demand for payment. Their only hope is thousands of pounds someone has paid out to get them a qualification for employment in a many vacancies industry is their only chance. Personally I`m beginning to understand why people are giving up IDS is living in a dream World.
  12. I understand at the end of the Cabinet meeting the Queen turned to Cameron and said, to think my loyal subjects pay massive taxes and don`t know the load of drivel I`ve had to sit through this morning.
  13. Ah, a budding or already an Anarchist. As an Elder and long time member of this Forum I would expect you to at least doff your cap if you met me. Thank you that is news to me I always live and learn.
  14. I agree, the Queen told them all today sort things out stop the silly Laws you are planning or I will dismiss the lot of you.
  15. It`s not subservience but respect would you address Cameron as Prime Minister or you P***k.
  16. The Queen has the right to question her Ministers but cannot tell them what to do although she can advise them. The only place she cannot enter is The House of Clowns. Did anyone here vote for The Lisbon Treaty? The Queen rules by consent a lesson learnt by all the ex Kings and Queens throughout Europe although the Spanish took their King and Queen back.
  17. I believe the Queen is more interested in her Commonwealth than Queen in waiting Angela Murkels`s EU. The Queen is already crowned Angela is hoping for hers when or if she sorts out the Eurozone.
  18. In the past the theory was you work to live, today it is you live to work adopted from the Japanese mindset of the 80s and 90s. I was asked by an employer an ex client of mine if I employed you would you just do what you were paid for. Yes I replied would you allow me to leave with your goods without paying the full amount? He was lost for words
  19. You should be voted Employer of the year as you have your heart in the right place.
  20. I received £10 from Dave. Get a Chicken on a BOGOF and that will cover Boxing Day as well he said.
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