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  1. Spot on, as prices rose dramatically so cheap and easy credit followed. The first downward trend in HPs started late 04 into 05, but then the BOE in August 05 reduced interest rates ( which Mervyn later admitted was a mistake ) and the pundits in their wise predictions stated IRs had peaked and were now on the way down. The great Guru Pundit of all the great wise and worshipped one Roger Bootle predicted IRs would fall to 3.5% by Q4 2006 and off the country went on a further credit binge now having learnt the standard rule of Economics.
  2. What a great Forum this is, hope I can make some contribution to it.
  3. There are some Grandees of this Forum who were a couple of years ago planning themselves and advising others to invest in Bulgaria, it eventually came to pass it was just all wind on their part. Mick the Hong Kong flyer was quite keen at the time.
  4. Yes, as confirmed by Webmaster, just posting occasionally.
  5. Like all Prima Donnas he eventually fell on his own sword as most of his type do.
  6. Merv knows the Tories will win the next election, so he is now preparing to protect his job.
  7. I always thought the word was REDUNDANCY. Am I right Surveyor?
  8. No I did not, I was shocked that there was no fore warning. :angry:
  9. The past 6 months I have been buying the bargains by shopping online, got some great ones. Mrs CTT only buys the BOGOFFS. Oh how I miss my Chinese takeaways.
  10. We have to do what we consider is right, if we make the right decision we win, if we make the wrong decision we live with it and sit it out until things turn in our favour ( always use ENGLISH spelling ) Bill Gates can stuff how he is corrupting our innocent young in spelling and grammar.
  11. 1982 is when it all came to the end when the powerful employers were allowed to create the new serfdom. Watch listen and learn.
  12. Yes a great time for this Forum when we were accused of being complete lunatics. There is an imposter who registered as Charlie The Tramp and communication between myself and the great man up the top soon sorted it out. Nice to see you are still here Panda always enjoyed your posts. Today this Forum lives in another world and I am far out of it, so as my good lady said, Charlie you bored me over the years with your gloomy predictions but everything you told me over the years has now proved to be spot on, you who have no qualifications in Economics have really hit the nail on the head. ( Blush ) Will not be posting much as my signature says it all. I love my status as a Newbie unable to start threads and receive PMs.
  13. In the mid 70s IRs were very high but we had the much forgotten hidden HPC, those who understood what was happening made a killing in the HM.
  14. Spent ages reading through this thread, as usual FreeTrader gives great value for money, hope all is well with you FT.
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