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  1. Still a very shocking statistic. The result of free borrowed money since the inception of the Euro spent on Development for European ex pats and then no sales.
  2. Scrapping of the old Rent Tribunals and Thatcher`s 1988 Housing Act with the introduction of ASTs Tenants in dire times would get well and truly shafted.
  3. The unemployment in the Eurozone is an absolute disaster and each Government should be castigated over it. I thought unemployment was shocking in the UK but compared to some countries in the Eurozone it is a blip. If the problem is not resolved I can see more breakdowns of Law and Order in the future as Greece has shown.
  4. 17 Countries, single currency and one interest rate set by the ECB. It was a recipe for eventual economic disaster. What a mismatch. Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. Most other EU states are obliged to join once they meet the criteria to do.
  5. Estimated to be 5%, how many Tories, Labour and Lib/Dems are nuts?
  6. Barroso says the Euro is on its way. Hooray The man lives in a dream world and to think he is President of the Commission. Remarks like that could cause the UK to think their troubles are not very serious.
  7. Brown should have left well alone. £10 for the second child and thereafter as it was in the past plus inflation rises. What they don`t get in the first place they don`t miss. On the News tonight Dave said the Coalition was like a marriage, WHAT!!!! between him and Clegg, the mind boggles. Nigel will be the Respondent in their divorce.
  8. Basildon is not Essex alone as some believe. Move Basildon to Kent and Essex would be a very popular area.
  9. Suggest you watch Bear Grills and Ray Mears documentaries.
  10. Today you bypass Plaistow it is now no more than a dump. I was born there in 1943 when it was a popular, clean, and safe area to live.
  11. IIRC did not Northern Ireland prices rise alongside Irish Republic prices to silly levels when the Republic thought they were in Financial Heaven just before the Nuclear Explosion in the Eurozone. It`s great borrowing until you finally get the bill and realise you are unable to pay. Cue the Christmas borrowing to buy Tarquin the latest gizmo and Felicity what ever is the must to have for girls.
  12. Miles frow Harlow more South West Essex. We have had a flux into the area during the past 20 years from Plaistow London in the London Borough Of Newham.
  13. Also applies to Home Owners five in the past six months moved into my area. I spoke to a couple of them and they both told me they were desperate to get out for their families and future of their children. They would not elaborate any further on the matter.
  14. Under the old FA system she would have been entitled to it after the first child with no problem but that twit Brown could not leave well alone. It was the same with the Married Man`s Allowance which was stopped as it was not considered fair to those who had a common law marriage now known as Partners. HMRC, have you a Partner Mr Tramp? No, You are single Mr Tramp? No. I don`t understand Mr Tramp. I am married. So you do have a Partner Mr Tramp? Oh just p**s off. :angry:
  15. The last I heard he was renting a Mansion in Hertfordshire at a peppercorn rent where he was interviewed by that BBC bloke Evan Davis IIRC. And with not one qualified mechanic to repair it.
  16. Always best to stay with the devil you know unless you are psychic and a proven medium. Told many they were living on a cloud when they were pursuing their so called dream. To have their sort of dreams they need to be stinking rich.
  17. Interesting graph, I remember when the FTSE crashed to 150 on the 31 December 1974 you would have thought Armageddon had come but life carried on. The reason I ignore all the Doom Mongers today.
  18. Absolutely correct Rumpey fears we could start a ball rolling and he and his ilk will lose the power they have created for themselves and see their dream of a Federal State fade away. The European Parliament is no more than a rubber stamp for the Council and Commission with only the FDG and little Dan being the only opposition within the EU.
  19. As we head towards Midnight and 2013 I observe the true stalwarts are logged in to the Forum. inflating, NorthamptonBear, SHERWICK, MattW, eight, Gigantic Purple Slug, Limpet, Buccaneer, Eddie_George, coconut, Darkman, mfp123, Doghouse, Venger, Turned Out Nice Again, Ulfar, Ruffneck, buckers, dohrayme, nmarks, Rave, Joboxer, Lone_Twin, topaz, Thomas Paine, copydude, interestrateripoff, Mr X, GloomMonger, we the sheeple, dnjc, ChumpusRex, the_duke_of_hazzard, Carabansity, sombreroloco, juvenal, Captain Cavey, Clocker, tsvetok, MSE refugee, pl1, finallysold, gf3, Horridbloke, moggsie, rw42, opt_out, JoeDavola, mkz, UnsureFTB Happy New Year to you all.
  20. The Guardian At It Again When a Party makes fantastic gains the hit squads appear from nowhere. No link as it will draw certain posters to attack the source. Remember Van Rompuy we did very well in the desert eventually in North Africa and not forgetting Desert Storm.
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