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  1. We would be much better off just being a member of EFTA.
  2. Why can`t we have a Referendum set up as quick as Clegg got his AV Referendum and lost. Referendum in 2017 will be too late, as before then we will witness the biggest immigration influx from the EU`s poorest countries as our Social Infrastructure collapses under the strain. Add to that all the new directives to come not in our interests seeping out from Barosso`s Bunker. Aired first on BBC Question time Your Favourite Newspaper
  3. I predict they will get at least 5 MPs or at a shock more in the next Election. Still two years + to go and their support and MEMBERSHIP is growing daily thanks to Media exposure. People are now seeing what a farce the EU is and are frightened at the open borders policy. The reason Dave is filling his pants with a lot of his MPs favouring the UKIP way forward. I also predict at least the following Lib/Dems MPs will lose their seats. Nick Clegg David Laws Danny Alexander Simon Hughes
  4. Funny in most cases they rely on threats and intimidation as they don`t want to upset the apple cart the Debtor can be released from the debt by using the new easy bankruptcy laws to wipe it out and they lose out. Represented somebody last year who took that option and the bloodsuckers got f**k all.
  5. Wonga goes bust and into liquidation who takes the hit? Guesses on which Bank or Financial Institution who financed them.
  6. How many millions of pounds have they spent on TV Advertising? Wonga must learn the old saying " You Can`t Get Blood Out Of A Stone." I hope the b******s go to the wall and Errol on his next jump breaks his b****y neck. In a few years the owners have become multi millionaires on the backs of silly people and the vulnerable. One million debts handed to debt collectors and debt recovery companies who use unethical tactics to recover their expected windfall.
  7. Cremation is the answer to reduce costs, at least it is warm rather than lay in the ground and freeze in the Winter. It is calculated today that 80% of Funerals are Cremation. I went to find my Grandmother`s grave last year which was a private grave, buried in 1940 aged 81 years of age. It had been used again for a 35 year old man buried on top of her remains. I think she could not believe her luck.
  8. An Article today in the Derby Telegraph, very interesting, can`t find a link at the mo
  9. All this work is urgent to deal with the increased population of 10 Million in the next decade.
  10. They should have been French Burgers, distribution on the Factory`s Computer made a bit of a c*****p.
  11. Since I won the Euro Lottery I have no objection to the increase in the price.
  12. You wait until the Gas Mob arrive to replace the Gas Mains and your pipe to the meter using the Mole Method. They have been in my area now for 4 months although the existing pipes were only 37 years old. Who is paying for this I asked a NG man, "probably you Sir" he replied in your future Gas Bills as this is a Countrywide Operation eventually costing £Billions.
  13. Why, the allowances are fixed so we all know what he gets and he has to take them. At least he spends much time in the Chamber as his rants against the EU show.
  14. You really can`t make it up can you, you have to look very deep to get the true answer.
  16. The British Media have failed to get that point although ordinary Sir Harold has. Yes, it appears many would not like to see UK Independence regained as it goes back a long way in our history. The Federalists pray to gain complete power with their One Country, One People and One Leader.
  17. What a strange reply are you suggesting Nigel and I are Gay. You always meet strange people as you travel through life.
  18. So Barosso`s hit squads have finally removed their panties on the Forum and finally come out.
  19. Well I paid the Pensions of your four Grandparents, your Great Uncle Sid and Great Aunt Sally plus all your other Great Aunts and Great Uncles. Now is it not fair that I should now ask you to pay for mine?
  20. I`ve always believed the only people who thought money grew on trees were young people in Nurseries. Maybe adults Euro wise need further Education when you look at personal Debt today. A friend of mine who does debt advice says the post Christmas spending has generated a massive amount of people phoning in desperate for advice.
  21. Publishing your earnings and tax paid, how much in Tax Credits and any other benefit you receive. Or, are you an expat having your earnings paid into a Bank Account in the Cayman Islands.
  22. Translation please you have lost me here. For f***s s**e will you update your blog it is now irritating me.
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