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  1. As a friend`s Mother 94 years of age told me tonight on the Huhne affair His p***k is bigger than his brain, I was shocked to hear that from her.
  2. Those that like to dispel the so called Myths. One who will suddenly appear when a so called Myth is posted but no longer contributes when the Myth is destroyed by evidence to the contrary. Best known as Barosso`s hit squad probably employed by the UK EU office in London. According to Martin Schulz if you are anti EU you are a Fascist although he denied it but the Parliamentary record showed he did say it.
  3. If he had taken regular doses of Bromide this would never have come out and he would still be a Minister. Being Carina and Chris.
  4. I was fortunate to own my house thanks to a redundancy payment aged 37 in 1980. I have been mortgage free now for 33 years. Yes today I hit 70 years of age. Or the 72 year old divorced I know of with his new 36 year old Polish Partner and their 1 year old son.
  5. Too many bad memories to support this new European Band of Brothers and Sisters. Sadly those now following from behind have lived through and accepted the brainwashing and propaganda from within Barosso`s bunker.
  6. Imagine is another word for I`m not quite sure. I also am not sure about Lion but the content of his posts to me are EU propaganda as mine could construed as anti EU propaganda. The first paragraph of my signature says my stance on the EU is over many years of studying the Monster. The beef, wheat, butter mountains just to name a few in the early years merely to subsidize the French Farmers which held prices high for the consumers. Read Brussels Laid Bare by their ex Chief Accountant and see how the EU Mafia works very educating.
  7. Just noticed this post. It`s whether not weather. You`ve lost the point in my post. I suspect you work in the EU Office in London seconded from Brussels. You speak of paying a lot of UK Tax which you would do being a part of the EU Gravy Train. Which one are you? The Lads And Lasses Of London
  8. IIRC did the EU throw the towel in and finally allowed Market Traders and Small Business to sell loose items in pounds and ounces. I remember my local Trading Standards prosecuting a few years back when some Traders unheeded their warnings and told them to get stuffed.
  9. Nice to know the Indigenous British people are common. Metric you can stuff it. I once asked a young lad in a Builders Yard for a yard of 4x4 timber, what is that in metres he asked I don`t understand your measurement. How tall are you said I, 6 foot says he, there you go says I you are 2 yards tall now place your self on the saw, cut yourself in two equal parts and use any part to measure my yard of b****y timber.
  10. UKIP are not against immigration just the open door policy with no say in who or who not can come here under EU Laws. A lot of immigration has been good for this country and a lot has not. We are now witnessing our social infrastructure coming under unbearable pressure. BTW UKIP has a very interesting and educational Manifesto which may enlighten you.
  11. The weather is going to get rougher in the future as the fight begins and the myth of how wonderful the EU is will crash taking all their corruption with it. Maybe a long way off at present but it is going to happen as surely as the Soviet Union collapse.
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marta_Andreasen See what their Chief Accountant said after she was sacked for whistle blowing.
  13. Well not much for me then in our membership as I have no intention to go and live anywhere in Europe. Prefer the Caribbean myself. So you are a supporter of a Federal State then and are quite happy having a non elected Government ( The Council ) a non elected Executive ( The Commission ) and a rubber stamping yes Parliament ( The EU Parliament ) and in the future a true Federalist One Country, One People and One Leader. That is their future goal. Remember Thatcher when Chirac put forward his plan for a Federal State in the late 80s? Forcibly she said to Chirac NO, NO ,NO
  14. It was supposed to be a compliment or have I read it wrong. We must never forget that the hook nosed President Of France who we allowed with his Free French Troops to enter Paris giving the impression they liberated Paris when the Allied Troops took most of the Casualties liberating France used his Veto in the 1960s to block us joining the EEC and not one of the IIRC 5 other members protested. We have stood the three card trick too long and the chickens are coming home to roost with the EU and it is starting to spread throughout the Countries of the EU.
  15. What we will see now after Cameron`s speech is the scaremongering by the no withdrawal Brigade which we saw by the yes stay in Brigade in the 1975 Referendum. The out Brigade are thinking of the good of the country, the stay in Brigade are for their own personal self interest. The only true opposition in the European Parliament is the FDG and Daniel Hannan, the rest, the vast majority are merely rubber stamps for unelected Barosso and his Mafia. Tomorrow one Newspaper headline " Let`s Talk Says Merkel" Wetting her K******s I presume.
  16. Nice to see you back after going missing for a long time. You are one of the old great posters.
  17. The idea is the UK revert back to EFTA, what then would be the problem, none whatsoever. Many Countries not in the EU have free trade with the EU. The EU would not cut off their nose to spite their face.
  18. I would like to ask a question of all you EU supporters. What have I gained personally from the UK`s membership of the EU, in short SFA. Just a cost of £50k over 5 years in my small business adhering to certain EU silly requirements when Jose in Spain got away with it. Prior to that I was recognized to comply with all BS and UK requirements and Companies gave us work on the quality and service we gave preferring us to National Companies. Many of our Customers were top well known Companies. In short when I reached 60 years of age I called it a day and retired and got out no longer supporting the jobs of the new boys making hay out of the silly EU regulations. Stuff the EU especially Rumpoy, Barosso and that nonce Ashton. Total load of Love Grenades
  19. Really, all I`ve seen the past 20 years is that London has become a dustbin. Indigenous Londoners have been moving out en mass since the 1980s. You appear to stay in your own little class area with your protected life.
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