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  1. UKIP are getting feedback in Eastleigh which if it comes about will give them their best performance to date.
  2. Corruption is rampant throughout many EU Countries, so what`s new.
  3. You are given the price are quite happy with it, you borrow the money, if you lose out that is your problem. Nobody bent their arm to buy so how is that mis selling.
  4. Italy a tragic Country but lovely people, with Burks like Berlusconi what do you expect. A good dose of Bromide would be good for him. The next War Italy and Germany so much for the EU preserving peace in Europe.
  5. Everything will come out in the wash it always has done from the beginning of time.
  6. Well I say let them get on with it, no British Expeditionary Force this time as we have other battles to sort out. The result if it ever happened France 2 Germany 0. Seriously
  7. +100. A very good and accurate post, a Poster who grasps the facts and truths and can see through the Circus lights and Performers, with the Clowns drawing in the Crowds for a good laugh.
  8. For men who have a strong attraction to cats shows a failing in their relationship with Women. Not my interpretation but that of a shrink who made this statement to me 20 years ago.
  9. I will do George a favour if he has problems borrowing at a reasonable low rate I will borrow for him with my Experian triple 9 credit rating.
  10. As Justin the ex building site Shop Steward whose opinion is courted by TV Interviewers said "It will have very little effect on us and will not cost us more to borrow"
  11. In Eastleigh their troops on the ground are finding their support is greater than at Rotherham.
  12. The ES prints 600k free copies a day in London and not one copy is left on the News Stands. They want to increase the print run but there evidently are agreements which prevent them doing this. A Print Run of one million copies is needed to once again feed the Outer Parts of London.
  13. You are wasting your time and energy the Europhiles are so brainwashed by their Masters they can no longer think for themselves.
  14. No, she was a bully boy who thought her class ( Grocers Incorporated ) was better than both the upper class and the working class, she despised and believed the Proletariat should be kept in their place. Strangely Alan Clarke had s****l f*******s about her. She did more to destroy small businesses than any other Prime Minister but her record on this could today be superseded by the P***s who now lead the main Parties.
  15. No that would have been the 1960s when Cecil King plotted to overthrow Harold Wilson`s Government because he was taking the power away from the Establishment, approached Mountbatten and other Top Military people to stage a Coup against Wilson`s Government but it was alleged Mountbatten told him to get out. Rumours abounding at the time was the Queen Mother agreed with the plot. Strangely Wilson was one of the present Queens favourite PMs as he was granted her personal honour of a KG.
  16. Completely untrue he is not even running the Economy as he doesn`t know how.
  17. Are you for real. If the FDG Group gave up their seats in the European Parliament it would become a 100% yes to everything, a rubber stamping Parliament just as in the old Soviet Blocks. If you hope to win your case you need close quarter combat fighting hand to hand within.
  18. Mark err umm Carney before the Select Committee seems to have trouble getting the words he wants out. All I heard was a err or umm after each couple of words he spoke.
  19. As the FDG have found, Cameron would love to have the majority as in the EU Parliament with their rubber stamping yes mob.
  20. Hitler was a fanatic Europhile he did not like the way it was set up either so he invaded and took it over just as Van Rumpoy and Barosso are doing but they are doing it quietly without having to fire a shot. Now for a strong rendering of Jerusalem.
  21. Strange, even with a ring of steel around my laptop someone put me out of action for 3 days as my OS went mad with a malware infiltration which could not be removed. I had to start from scratch re installing everything after formatting the drive and de scrubbing it. All fine now as everything is working first class.
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