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  1. I remember when it dropped to £1-41 to the US Dollar in the late 80s and the gloom mongers said the UK was finished, roll on 20+ years and we are still here but not yet at £1-41 to the US Dollar.
  2. The guns are now out for Farage both in the EU and here. They see UKIP`s membership growing daily and in my area in a council by election UKIP turned out more local activists than the other parties.
  3. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war will be the policy of the main parties against UKIP in the coming months and UKIP will be expecting it.
  4. At the beginning they saw the EU as a Saviour but reality taught them that the EU was a scam, a con merchant and a stripper of Sovereignty.
  5. Not forgetting a Dictatorship from top to bottom. The word NO is not in their Dictionary. :angry:
  6. Ah the Guardian says it all. The EU would love to nail Farage, let`s see if it happens, personally I don`t think it will.
  7. She has also involved Clegg`s wife according to BBC News saying she told her and also Vince and his wife at dinner at Cable`s home.
  8. Sad people leading sad lives, highly educated but emotionally unstable.
  9. I expect my Gas Bill alone for the period beginning Sept 2011 to the end of August 2013 to be around £1500 or I may still get a bigger shock.
  10. Yes very sad, children being part child and part adult because of their circumstances, at least the charity shops for clothing are much cheaper than ours.
  11. Beggars belief how much is written off daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and how much potential profit is lost.
  12. I reckon he will sub let his cell to earn a few bob if and when he goes to prison. After all he like most of us has to scratch a living.
  13. So the German Government are now getting worried when the 1st January 2014 arrives. Read about it in HPC`s favourite newspapers.
  14. I was born there in 1943 and moved in 1952. It was a lovely area then but sadly today it is a dustbin. There is just a small area left that is not too bad but the prices are ludicrous. Shadwell IMHO is and always has been has you used the word.
  15. My Business Partner and I ran our successful Business for 25 years without ever borrowing a penny from our Bank. How did we do it, sent the wives out to works, paid all our suppliers on times and withdrew no wages until our Bank balance hit £50k when we would withdraw £10k each.
  16. Three Hurrahs for that. I will vote for any Party excluding the BNP who will take us out of the Soviet Socialist Federal State known as the EU Mafia. Farage and I have nothing Politically in common except his Party`s EU exit policy. And now a rousing rendition of Jerusalem.
  17. Well I know of one Brit who joined the Polish Fire Brigade saw it on a TV Documentary Without us GPs would have no work and could be made redundant.
  18. Try Poplar London for both 1896 and 1914 OS maps and progress to current OS Map.
  19. I have been studying old Ordnance Survey Maps circa 1896 to 1914 of an area of London. Landlords then owned streets of tightly packed 2 up and 2 down houses. Come forward today and the volume of housing seems much more spread out. The biggest surprise is the massive industry within the area and I would guess unemployment was very small at that time.
  20. It is claimed the Postal Vote gave the Lib/Dems victory as they had to be received before the Lib/Dem bad news surfaced.
  21. According to a statement on Question Time it could be that UKIP has come second. We await the official Election Result to see if this has happened.
  22. The chart shows the poll of 22nd a lot has happened since.
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