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  1. Just published in the Local Rag with a big write up. Romford Recorder
  2. UKIP got their first directly elected London Councilor on 21st March in a ward of The London Borough of Havering a safe Tory Council. The result UKIP 39% Labour 27% Conservative 13% BNP 9% These percentages must have the other Parties trembling as it shows ordinary voters are now seeing and understanding UKIP`s policies and like what they see.
  3. Why the surprise? I always thought there was something dark about her.
  4. Those that look to reach for it miss it every time. Brilliant you can call him or text him on Skype.
  5. So retailers are only accepting cash, Suppliers want cash to supply retailers, one petrol station said his supplier wanted 40k Euros cash to supply him. RAF fly in one million Euros in cash to help the Forces and Civil servants. Lots of cash in large amounts held by all floating around, let`s hope the local Mafia don`t get ideas.
  6. In the past did you not live the self sufficient good life like Tom and Barbara?
  7. No, no, no they can`t leave the EU before us seniority takes preference. He has Errol.
  8. They say the ATMs are empty, debit cards can be used for purchases but you can bet any large purchase will be rejected, credit cards merely add to the personal debt of the card holder.
  9. BBC Newspaper Review the Russians are now threatening the EU. The Times Dave is sending 10 Carriers, 5 Destroyers, 10 Nuclear Subs to the Med. The Russians are sending the Battleship Potemkin Accusing the Russians of using Cyprus to launder money. Reply required by Errol.
  10. Young Cypriot Girl on BBC News Europe has destroyed us. Charlie give yourself a pat on the back you said at the inception of the Euro it would all end in tears. You were attacked, ridiculed, and told to get a life, your knowledge of finances and economics would only occupy one millionth of your brain cells. I am now awaiting a call from Osborne appointing me his chief economics adviser regarding EU matters.
  11. The Chinese are not happy at the PIGS. PIGS are causing them serious problems
  12. BBC 9 oclock news Banks in Cyprus closed until Thursday, customers seen shouting outside.
  13. So I was the closest not bad when my future is looking forward to dementia according to many members of this Forum.
  14. Have you received confidential information from your mate Putin By Jiminy he keeps you up to date.
  15. Will the EU allow these vultures to get their mucky hands into one of their satellite countries.
  16. Not exactly but I would hazard a guess it was the mid 70s or during Margaret Thatcher`s Stewardship. Thinking back more likely during Jim Callaghan`s Stewardship when the FT hit a new low of 150 and the pundits said the UK was finished.
  17. Past history shows the pound has made many magical comebacks. I remember getting $1.43 to the pound in the mid 80s on holiday and a few years later the pound hit $2 to the pound.
  18. So Cyprus are now enjoying the fruits of joining the EU and the Eurozone. To amount massive debts due to low interest rates and not seeing the train heading full speed towards the buffers. Awaiting more Eurozone Countries to join the club. Similar riots as seen in the mother country one may ask?
  19. I`m definitely not, the first paragraph of my signature shows my credentials. If you eventually want the UK to be a county in a European Federal State then I have nothing but sadness for you.
  20. The intention is to withdraw from the Political Wing and revert back to EFTA, have you not listened to Farage. Even the Chinese have access to the single market and they are not a member of anything. They just open up factories within the EU and hey presto they are away, same with the Japanese, Indians, etc etc etc So to pay the bills we have to live in a Dictatorship, reminds me of Nazi Germany.
  21. So with a triple nine credit rating I`m alright then.
  22. In my case they will use language not appropriate to this Forum as my Solicitor was most surprised at my decision of intention.
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