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  1. I`m shocked I can`t see Maggie or her Family being involved in such a scheme, must be those Lefty rabble rousers. Mind you she made a few bob when she sold that shoebox in Chelsea and her Dulwich house that was a little bigger.
  2. Is there a problem holding Gold now? There was I thinking to change all my cash into Gold so should I hold back until the possibility of Gold hitting $2k an ounce looks possible. Bang right on the nail he`s here.
  3. I`m a believer that things are straight forward only the so called brains complicate things. Fair Trade without subsidies on either side would be my policy and the consumer ends up paying the true price. In the late eighties in my industry the big companies would quote a price at a loss to them simply to throw small companies like mine out of the tendering. Could we prove it, like hell we could. :angry:
  4. They wanted to buy but was buying it cheaper from Poland whose Government heavily subsidized it. Even the Nationalized Industries bought Polish coal, as an example the Power Stations.
  5. Anyone here attending her Funeral next Wednesday standing in the crowds?
  6. A bit over the top there old mate. In 2008 we hit the worst Financial Crisis in years, end of the UK they all screamed. Five years later we are still plodding along and I still have lights.
  7. The mini cooper S 1275cc was a legend in its time as was the upgraded mini range.
  8. Great minds think alike ready to grab any good opportunity which comes along why the masses have to think about it.
  9. Absolutely true it was the decade when I made real honest money, moved from my FTB to a 4 bedroom detached house in the hidden HPC of 1976.
  10. I remember Paul McCartney released a single in 1990 All My Trials which really was anti Thatcher`s policies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQiortFeuEc
  11. In fact there are actually eight Social Classes, number Eight is mine, when created they then broke the mold.
  12. Just had to spend a week on my own living on take aways. My culinary experience was as follows: Sunday: Chicken Noodle Soup and King Prawn Curry. Monday: Skate and Chips with a Gherkin. Tuesday: Lamb Shish kebab with salad pitta bread and chips. Wednesday: 2 Pies and Mash with Liquer and a portion of Stewed Eels. Thursday: King Prawn with mixed Vegetables and Special Fried Rice. Friday: Chicken Noodle Soup Special Chow Mein and Egg Fried Rice. Saturday: Sweet and Sour King Prawn Balls ( 12 )and Special Fried Rice. No Burghers, no Indian, no McDonalds or no KFC. Even afforded it from IDS,s Pension.
  13. You must add my milk, tea, butter, bread and cereal to the cost not forgetting my bottle of wine every night at a cheap £3-84p.
  14. Here we go Monday 2 x £1 Iceland Beef Curries = £2 Tuesday 2 x £1 Iceland Fishermans Pies = £2 Wednesday 2 x £1 Iceland (4)Sausage Toads = £2 Thursday 2 x £1 Iceland Spaghetti Bologneses = £2 Friday 2 x £1 Iceland Sweet and Sour Chickens with rice = £2 Saturday 2 x £1 Iceland Spaghettis with Meatballs = £2 Sunday 2x £1-75p Iceland Roast Beef Dinners = £3-50p Quite filling for a Main Meal with more choices Total £15-50p
  15. Well the BBC must like him. Yesterday the BBC Parliament Channel broadcast his whole speech from UKIP`s Spring Conference followed by Dave`s at his. Worth watching on iPlayer that`s Farage not Dave.
  16. From his signature I would say he went down with his ship.
  17. What is the difference between a Financial Planner and a Financial Advisor?
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