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  1. A lad who still keeps a Piggy Bank as taught by his old Dad. When he is interviewed he comes across as a precocious 15 year old just as Hague at that famous Conservative Party Conference aged 16 years old when the Grandees of the Party went outside to have a good spew up. Spot on live and learn. Seen it, visited it, and observed it first hand.
  2. I thank you. I have a feeling among the Guests reading this thread are members of Osborne`s entourage with Ball`s entourage also in attendance.
  3. For every thousand that leaves two thousand will be brought in to replace them on a buy one get one free basis.
  4. I was not aware of that. The other side have lost the plot don`t understand the real reason why this country is in the s**t. Simple really by allowing undemocratic institutions to control us and that applies also to the last lot. At the depth in summer 1932, registered unemployed numbered 3.5 million, and many more had only part-time employment. How many under Thatcher and the true unemployment rate today in the UK.
  5. After studying Osborne`s Autumn Statement and figures of billions saved in interest payments, who the hell lends the money and receives the interest payments not only in the UK but Global. I want to buy shares in them better than holding Gold. They pay me a pittance on my Bonds. Who is getting the interest on the US trillions of debt
  6. HS2 in my opinion is a complete waste of time and money. Makes the journey from London to Birmingham cutting off 20 minutes. What does that achieve makes businesses more money or better that we all slow down and enjoy the scenery. More speed, more stress, more heart attacks, more strokes, and a big increase in impotence.
  7. It includes provisions to allow the Prime Minister to alter the date by up to two months by Order.
  8. 2015 will be more critical than 2013 or 2014. I predict the General Election will be the latest date allowed by law.
  9. When it comes to the crunch Boris will have no chance the man is a complete Buffoon. I never can understand what he is talking about. Strip off the comedy and there is no substance. Boris was only re elected because Red Ken was his opponent. If Labour had fielded a well liked Candidate I believe the result would have been very different. PS I am in no way a Labour supporter but always give credit where it`s due to any Politician regardless of their Party.
  10. BBC News grabs Nigel Farage for his view on the Autumn Statement, are they taking UKIP seriously now. Come 2015 they will find again they got their figures wrong and more readjustments will be made. With a bit of luck they should have it right by 2030. The future reminds me of the song "Things ain`t What They Used To Be" but Max is not around to sing the new version.
  11. I believe it comes from Sam`s Father`s Estate he sells it to them at wholesale price plus VAT. Cash in hand no invoice and the VAT is knocked off.
  12. BBC News: Houses, flats, and Penthouses are being bought up in mass by buyers from China and Asia. Most don`t even view the properties visit them or attempt to rent them out and leave them empty. Makes you think that they consider it is better to put their money in London Property than their local Banks.
  13. Kelvin Mackenzie acting like and thinking he is of the Aristocracy whereas his delusional mind puts him clearly in the group of educated commoners. A loud mouth who tries to shout People down who disagree with his point of view. Ex Editor of The Sun and Murdoch`s gofer. Need I say more.
  14. I inherited £30 when my Mother died in 1979 but had to fork out £800 for her Funeral which obviously I wanted to do. Therefore I have decided to leave my Estate in its entirety to Charity when I go if I am the last survivor. Seen some disgusting attitudes by inheritors in my life so if they get nothing they have no worry deciding how to spend it or p**s it up. So alexw you can stick it in your pipe smoke it or choke on it.
  15. They never got a chance even to fool me once 1997 was the turning point for me after Major sold this country out in 1992 and Blair went forward with Major`s sell out. Today the 3 Major Party Leaders are merely six form politically immature schoolboys.
  16. Standby to receive thousands of EU unemployed as they make for the UK with a better Benefits System. BTW does anyone know the unemployment Stats for Bulgaria and Rumania IIRC who are eligible to come to the UK in 2013.
  17. What fantastic Media coverage UKIP have received today. Clegg`s coffee must have gone down the wrong hole this morning seeing his Party shown the exit door.
  18. I am entitled to free Prescriptions but the fact I have to attend every six months to see the Practice Nurse for my repeat prescription continuation and her attitude and power mad behaviour that she knows best. I now buy it on the Internet. Cost of fuel attending the surgery, putting in the request and returning to collect the prescription, going to the Pharmacy to collect it, my way saves me all that petrol money. BTW what I receive from a South Seas Island is definitely the real thing produced by one of the top Pharmaceutical Companies in New Zealand. PS Even my Viagra is a bargain buy.
  19. Dave knows that Pensioners more than any other group always vote as do the Leaders of the other Parties and they have no intention to get a kick in the love grenades. Until this large Electorate group pop their clogs these treats will remain. As Citizen Smith now a Pensioner himself would shout "Power To The Twirlies".
  20. Housing Association property in need of modernisation. Translated, completely trashed by tenants and thousands needed to put it right hence £60k guide price. If it`s cheap there must be a catch.
  21. Well Nicholarse Elcleggski at least got the AV Referendum and fell at the first hurdle. I believe Parliamentary Elections of first past the post will never change.
  22. The danger of selling your house well below market value and renting it back. Could be he was struggling to pay the re mortgage and sold to clear the debt. There are many vultures out there who will still pick the bones after they`ve had the meat.
  23. Received from the Rotherham bunker Canvassing in the Rotherham Bye Election . On Sunday alone 50 Rotherhamers joined the Party at UKIP`s Election Headquarters.
  24. There are probably more closet Racists in the Tory Party than UKIP.
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