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  1. I plead guilty to being a UKIP lunatic. Watch the European Parliament as I do on a regular basis performing, you might get an education. Deep into the guts of the EU you need to go to see the joke they are.
  2. Please do not insult pigs all they eat is swill and do a great service for the food industry.
  3. Absolutely correct been saying it for many years but laughed at. To add to our employment troubles throw in the EU.
  4. I was told, I can`t confirm if it is true but at the count of the last Election where the BNP was outed and lost all their councillors she walked into the hall and as she passed the UKIP group she passed a comment to her entourage that there was a nasty smell here. A response was from an unknown "the air was sweet until you walked in."
  5. Forgot to add Barking has had its share of infamous MPs over the years, the most infamous of all Mr Thomas Driberg.
  6. Simple she is the MP for Barking doing a George Galloway. Her Constituents are no longer the indigenous population.
  7. Strangely my local EAs do not push on BTL as they did at the peak. Full page adverts in the local press are Management Agencies desperate to sign up new landlords. What surprises me the rents they are asking are around nearly double what they were 5 years ago. HA`s rents are half the private sectors rents in this area. What I really liked was an advert in the local Newsagents window. Room to rent for working Gentleman £80 per week includes cleaning the room changing the bedding and some meals. I hazard a guess it is some sweet old lady (cue The Lady Killers ) trying to make ends meet in a reasonable area.
  8. Spot on I get sick and tired of the Government coming up with these crackpot schemes without thinking them out and foreseeing the possible problems.
  9. I am working very hard to discover Perpetual Motion. When I succeed I will give the secret to the World free of charge. At the moment the secret is within how our planet exists.
  10. I receive on average 3 unsolicited mail shots from the Branston ( spelling ) Pickle man each week. You are already cabled up to receive our great offers blah, blah, blah. Richard I detest your pickle, your Broadband, your telephone, your mobile and your TV. I don`t fly with you, travel on your trains or take up any of your great offers in everything you offer me. Do me a favour and just p**s off.
  11. The Perks of all ex Prime Ministers. Clegg believes when he is decimated at the Polls as a Deputy Prime Minister he can join the Club, or failing that a nice job as a future President of the EU Council. The City will not want the Berk and after the next Election his useless Party will not want him also.
  12. It was originally built for the Eurostar but some commercial spark said later hey why not run HSTs from London through Kent. Eurostar top of the hour and HSTs bottom of the hour.
  13. As the discredited and now defunct CSA, Jobseekers Plus are also going for the easy targets. If they don`t hit hard their own jobs are at risk. I remember talking to a Bank Employee in 2005 who told me if they did not achieve the lending targets for mortgages and loans set by their Managers their future was at risk. So they arranged mortgages and loans to Uncle Tom Hobley and all not caring if they would be able to repay as they told me I also have a mortgage to repay every month. Mr Osborne has not a ******* clue what real life is all about as he counts his millions every night. One for you and one for me, two for you and two for me with Mrs Osborne. Reminds me of Terry Thomas and Peter Sellers in Tom Thumb.
  14. As you say but it gets better year after year. Austerity is here for many years to come.
  15. I was told that Arriva trains in Wales advertised for six conductors not many bothered they only received 3,000 applications. Today there are 60 applications for every Retail Job, over 30 years of age don`t bother. I applied for a job online with Asda as a test application spent 30 minutes filling in the form and answering 50 silly multiple choice questions. A Question: Do you believe you only do what you are paid for. My reply No 6. I strongly agree. Well I can only take goods from Asda which I have paid for. Suffice to say I received no further communication. At JobCentre plus. JSA candidate told to apply for a Senior Warehouse Manager position overseeing 150 Staff. I`m not qualified candidate said I was a shelf stacker. You still have to apply they said and you must show us proof. The Country is going mad.
  16. Credit Action Stats Updated December 2012 Take into consideration the amount repaid by borrowers monthly, but still the amount outstanding goes up or hovers around £1.42 trillion. I could not read that in a second. Full Stats 24 pages december-2012.pdf december-2012.pdf
  17. My Political Education goes back as far as Harold MacMillan. This lot today makes their past mentors with all their faults Saints.
  18. Great Thread thank you TMT. Mrs CTT has just gave me my warmed Jim Jams and a mug of Horlicks. I wish you a peaceful and good night`s sleep.
  19. Danny Alexander on Newsnight coming across as a Grandee of the right right right of the Tory Party. Lib/Dem they are being Politicised by their Masters.
  20. I criticise the lot of today`s Politicians from all the major Parties. Let them be clever and cunning it is a game to them not really realising the pain they inflict on many completely hard working and innocent people. :angry:
  21. Slowly but surely as they realise the real reason for their problems, losing their job and finding there is not another due to the ghosts who are filling any vacancies especially on the minimum wage front. Who in your area are now selling the Big Issue.
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