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  1. It appears Wonga have found a way not to show their APR at the base of their TV adverts. A touch of come on in we let you know how much you pay up front if you don`t want it don`t take it. Makes the victim look no further once they have been seized in the true darkness of hell known as their website. Justin should carry out an exorcism then turn them into good disciples.
  2. This must be the only country in the world which knocks its own workers and population.
  3. In three words RUINED OUR COUNTRY. Prior to 1st January 1973 this Country was a pleasure to live in.
  4. As soon as I spotted the Court Bailiffs were fat and had shaved heads to make them look hard I knew what was going to happen. Did any of them have Tattoos I never noticed. At least the Police Sergeant Mo was correctly dressed wearing his hat.
  5. The Germans got rid of their Devil ( Fascism )and the East Europeans escaped the trap of the Soviet yoke. So maybe we should get rid of our Devil the Soviet Socialist Federal Republic better known as the EU.
  6. There`s no answer to that desperate statement, Barosso`s hitmen are now in panic as they are laid bare.
  7. The EU have many Trolls trawling Forums like this one where any anti EU sentiment is found.
  8. Denis Healey now joins the little band of brothers supporting leaving the EU.
  9. Norman Lamont now says we should withdraw from the EU joining Lawson and Portillo. Who will be next?
  10. I had a customer when I was in business who built his company from scratch with £100 he saved to start him off. When retiring at 65 years of age he sold out for £12 million and I believe he had to pay 40% Capital Gains Tax on the amount. He loves getting his State Pension, Heating Allowance, and uses his Bus Pass.
  11. There will be many more longer and sharper knives out for Dave than Thatcher in 1990.
  12. I remember years ago someone who took out an IO mortgage, thought they paid the interest for 25 years and the house was then paid for.
  13. Some more facts after number crunching and the real reason the other Party Leaders need their nappies changing. 1.25 million votes across the country – more than at the last General Election UKIP won 154 Council seats (including 6 at District/Unitary by-elections) Average of 24.6% of the vote where we stood 17 County Council seats in Kent, 16 in Lincolnshire, 12 in Cambridgeshire, 9 in Essex UKIP will become the ‘official opposition’ or hold the balance of power on a number of Councils The Eastern Counties (26.2%) and South East (26.1%) were UKIP’s top two performing regions. 878 UKIP candidates finished in second place 776 UKIP candidates took more than 25% of the vote In wards where UKIP and the Lib Dems went head to head, UKIP took over 300,000 votes more than the Lib Dems In wards where UKIP and Labour went head to head, UKIP took almost 200,000 votes more than Labour UKIP finishes ahead of the Conservatives in almost 500 seats across the country UKIP took the most votes across at least 2 Parliamentary constituencies (Great Yarmouth and Boston & Skegness), possibly more. UKIP took a total of 15 seats across Norfolk, and now Norfolk is in No Overall Control. The UKIP gains in Hampshire were spread across the county, with other wins coming in Havant, Fareham, Farnborough, Andover and New Forest.
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