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  1. Quite right. And if you control and print the money you can always find someone to take care of any politician naive enough to tackle your position of domination.
  2. How about shipping containers for homes? Probably been discussed here before but on this website they look great! Shipping Container Home I know Travelodge built their Heathrow Central hotel out of recycled shipping containers a couple of years ago so a precedent in terms of planning regulations must already have been set?
  3. It's not so much the oil but the highly toxic Corexit 9500 dispersant BP has used (banned in Europe) that's mixing with the oil and methane. It's creating dead zones out at sea.
  4. Some people are saying that Peak Oil is the new cause for 'discredited' Global Warming supporters but I don't buy that opinion because the green lobby talk of building a new "green economy". Peak Oilers will tell you there now isn't the oil to build this new green economy. Not enough oil to build x hundred million new electric cars with tyres containing several gallons of oil etc. Not enough oil to build nuclear power stations to meet increasing demand for electricity. The preparation for transition should have taken place before peak, so we can properly manage the dwindling resource on the way down. But those in charge are only interested in making ££ and $$ and not in the welfare of future generations. If they can make ££ on the way up and on the way down then why bother conserving what's left. It's all about making £££. It's not profitable to slow decline. It goes back to the saying, unless we change the way money works, we'll change nothing.
  5. I would steer well clear of investing in Florida or any Gulf states right now. The Deepwater Horizon oil gusher is killing off the area. The fishermen are calling it game over and residents are beginning to talk of packing up and moving north.
  6. aa3, are you favouring a technocracy as per the Venus Project / Zeitgeist Movement?
  7. U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion I think Injin will like this piece of satire.
  8. Yes Mike Ruppert may well have coined that phrase but I think he got it from some other source. Another one he quotes often is "Unless you change the way money works you can change nothing"
  9. I believe the report talks about food production in the "western world". Essentially current agricultural soil in the western world is dead and can only produce food through massive inputs of oil and gas based fertilisers etc. Permaculture - Farms for the Future/
  10. Money is inextricably linked to energy and today our primary source of energy is oil. Energy is the ability to do work and money represents the ability to do work.
  11. Whilst watching Andrew Marr's "The Making of Modern Britain" he referred to a movement in the inter-war years called the "Green Shirts". Their prime objective was to remove the power of the banks and bring into creation "Social Credit". Social Credit was pioneered by C.H. Douglas and website about Social Credit and his work is found here: DOUGLAS SOCIAL CREDIT SECRETARIAT. As for the Collapse movie on YouTube being removed. This is because the film makers invoked a copyright clause.
  12. We're no Polyface Farm yet but you and others could do something like what we're doing in Hounslow. Hounslow Community Farming Association - www.hcfa.org.uk
  13. M King Hubbert (founder of Peak Oil theory) wrote an essay which included a theory of an alternative to money as we know it. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...t&p=1990609 Just found this link which again features Hubbert: http://www.hubbertpeak.com/Hubbert/monetary.htm
  14. The downright hypocrisy of statements coming out of the US is staggering. For every accusation they make why isn't someone mentioning their government's rape of Iraq and their corporations that profited from it.
  15. The new Sky TV HQ in Isleworth, Middx looks like something a Bond villain might build. Can't find a picture of it so far.
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