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  1. Yet another prop. It will do nothing to change the fact that the debt burden has grown so much in such a short period. And the reality is that the wages of us monetary cattle cannot be leveraged against the new mountain of debt required to pay the interest and maintain the monetary base. The only way to fix this is asset deflation or massive wage inflation. Asset inflation, as a substitute for wage inflation, clearly doesn't work.
  2. Ttip is designed to increase efficiency for those few who farm humanity.
  3. I was talking to a farm machinery dealer yesterday. He was saying business quiet because of depressed grain prices and uncertainty of EU outcome. Seems to me most farms only survive on SFP. The business barely breaks even and all equipment is on tick.
  4. Exactly! And home ownership is actually really ******ing dull! All the time spent bitching about how rigged the system is (which it is) could be spent creating an alternative, which, if enough people followed suit, could see the system fail.
  5. Yep, this is really what it's about. It amazes me how people chatter about their property deals totally oblivious to the fact they are part of a huge ponzi scheme which is siphoning our wealth to the elites. Banks creating new money against property to set the price. How high the price goes depends on our collective ignorance and naivety.
  6. This is how it works. Banks create new money and direct it at housing. House prices rise. Inflation creeps into the wider economy Rates rise. Debtors default Banking crisis Tax payer bailout and emergency interest rates maintains HP and credit flows. More tax payer props implemented to facilitate credit approval for house purchase. House prices rise again. More tax payer props implemented to facilitate credit approval for house purchase. HPI slows More tax payer props implemented to facilitate credit approval for house purchase. Debt saturation. Epic crash.
  7. Home owners and renters are the sitting ducks of revenue. Why aren't more people living in trucks?
  8. Cash is the debt free component of fiat currency, <3% of the total in circulation. It's hardly significant. IMO the reason for banning cash is the preparation of something more sinister.
  9. So he wants growth but he doesn't want us to spend more than we earn? Good luck with that. It's the economic holy grail, a myth. A budget surplus is rare and in the few times achieved was followed by a recession. His policies will ensure the economy sinks.
  10. Yes. And the past eight years of inflation were caused by QE. If this Stops we will have deflation.
  11. We had the hyperinflation on the run up to 2008. Seeing as all the new money was created as debt, at some point debt saturation occurs and the system crashes. QE only puts more pressure on the consumer by steering money into markets and causing artificial inflation, while real demand falls. And this is what we've witnessed. We will have deflation until such time as a new, all inclusive, debt binge happens. Like a new house price boom following a 50% crash.
  12. Indeed. And the willingness of the people to accept these levels of debt and wage suppression, maintains the demand for fiat currency.
  13. You think they'd only ban cash over here? Good luck with that.The move would quickly be followed with either rfid implants or identity Cards. Go against the grain and your chip get deactivated. I've heard this scenario mentioned as the ultimate goal of the nwo and dismissed it as paranoid conspiracy. However, it appears the msm are priming us.
  14. Ok, say they did ban cash. What would take its place as the new black currency, precious metals? Crypto?
  15. Probably something to do with 60% of GDP, selling the same scraps of land to each other at ever increasing values.
  16. You're not on your own there. It's social policing that keeps us all doing what we're told and getting fleeced. Twenty years ago I dragged a rotten 70s mobile home into a field and lived in it illegally for fifteen years. I added rooms, insulated it, stuck a proper roof on, even fitted underfloor heating. I let my wife have it in the divorce on an acre of land. Because it's been there so long it is exempt from enforcement. It was valued at 125k for the divorce!
  17. Is gold about to break its four year losing streak? Exciting!
  18. Problem is, everything is bought and sold in "paper money".
  19. Global deflation isn't very bullish for gold is it lads?....
  20. What is money? What is religion? Two questions with identical answers.
  21. Credit directed towards production is deflationary?
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