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  1. 6 minutes ago, AdamoMucci said:

    There is not going to be a WTO brexit after the votes in the commons today. The government looks utterly incompetent and Theresa May looks like a worse PM than Gordon Brown. Think about that, she is worse than Gordon Brown. They are done and good riddance frankly.

    Sorry, yes I've just seen the news on my FB feed. Crikey! 

  2. 7 hours ago, Sour Mash said:

    I think the base issue is that the EU is trying to impose its will on the member states.   It's not like the states are actually willingly trying to stick to budget rules, they are being told to (or at least, certain ones are - the Germans and French seem to get a free pass).  So you have a situation where essentially unelected bureaucrats in Brussels are dictating policy to elected national governments.

    The Euro makes this possible - once you give up the right to issue your own sovereign currency you are at the behest of whoever controls the money supply.  If you don't do what the EU tells you, you find that the ECB no longer wants to backstop your bonds.  Not that I am advocating central banks buying government bonds but it's an option that states need to have.

    Also of course, the EU are trying to impose a more lax policy towards inward immigration than many states want and are also trying to force member states to share out the existing massive base of economic migrants (after Merkel practically opened the floodgates to massive migration) amongst themselves.


    They seem more than happy to backstop bonds once they enter the secondary market.

  3. On 30/11/2018 at 13:41, Sour Mash said:

    UK mainstream media seems to think that the EU is a bastion of financial success and good governance and leaving it will be suicide for the UK. Very few members of the public would be aware of the growing crisis in Italy, the unrest in France or the Eastern states rebelling against the crazy immigration policies of the EU.


    It's falling apart because they're all trying to stay within EU budget rules while the ECB desperately prints to support bank balance sheets.

  4. 1 hour ago, Saving For a Space Ship said:

    I had a mate who did a lot of lpg conversions, mainly on 80s vw campers. I was not aware they were a nightmare generally.  sadly i cannot discuss with him as he died in the summer . Perhasp the conversion tech has improved ( though I doubt it ) ? or is it harder on newer cars ? 

    I have a 1995 volvo 940 gle with lpg conversion. I did  ask him if the tank etc could be reused in another volvo if  I scrapped this one, he said yes .

    I had a Volvo 740 and a 240 on LPG. Very simple conversions, loads of room under the bonnet. I'm pretty sure the LPG conversion industry is dead for anything other than keeping old dinosaurs on the road, V8s, 4x4s and Volvos!

  5. On 05/10/2018 at 23:59, zugzwang said:

    I'm not anti-EV per se. I just don't believe the technology will replace the gas guzzler any time soon, and perhaps not ever.

    I've got an eight year old diesel with ~70k miles on the clock, should be good for another 70k if I'm careful. No rust anywhere. Simple to service, costs next to nothing to maintain. Maybe I'll look at an EV circa 2025.

    wait until the egr and dpf regen start playing up


  6. On 06/10/2018 at 10:34, Saving For a Space Ship said:

    + 1 

    people have got used to plugging their smart phones in every night, so why not their cars .

    I see an issue with transition to Ev's as there are millions of solid ice cars that could be converted to lpg (subsidised by Gov. / ICE tax ) until the ev transition was complete . It would be a terrible waste of all that metal / energy to scrap them 

    You ever had anything to do with LPG conversions? I used to fit them in the early 2000s - nightmare!



  7. 4 hours ago, ebull said:

    I think the luxury of complaining about the big picture and use of public funds is restricted to to those who have enough funds to provide themselves with some sort of dry-warm-clean space.


    It was only a couple of years ago I was living in the back of a lorry with my 10yo daughter. Restricted mortgage or not, the letting agents don't want to know.

  8. "I have already decided to no longer shop at B&Q for the materials needed for my large portfolio of houses in south Wales"

    I wonder what kind of outfit " Dr Ros Beck " is running if she shops for materials at B&Q. It's like a professional mechanic buying their parts from Halfords. Everyone I know with any interest in property maintenance has an account at Jewson or RGB. It implies she does the work herself and is too incompetent to order at the counter, instead preferring to browse the aisles looking for stuff that'll "do the job". She sounds like an utter shit kicker.


    “In addition to allegedly helping people into housing we have also heard how they and others ‘help’ tenants remain in their housing by informing them that they can wait for the bailiffs in cases of eviction – a process which is ruinous and devastating for landlords."



  10. 6 minutes ago, Fromage Frais said:

    It is so shit out there.

    I own a flat so we are cramped in there for years now as my HPC mindset stops me from paying th crazy prices out there.

    I have considered renting from time to time,  I can even get my company to pay relocation as I live over 45 mins from my office.  A lovely rental would be wonderful...in theory.

    Despite money not being an issue i have never even got off the blocks with either my dog and even the kids being an issue (when considering family houses).

    A lot of these houses would "require" modernisation in agents speak and always look like the owner wants to cover the mortgage so they do not have to give it away.  That puts in your mind your paying thousands to rent a family home and then potentially your out in a year or so....trying to find another needle in a haystack.



    One place I was shown was full of flies and stank. The LL hadn't emptied the old tenants bin or fridge and the key meter had shut off the power. I was there with my daughter and the agent just shrugged.

  11. 9 hours ago, EnglishinWales said:

    Hidden homeless means the total amount will be higher than official figures. I have been homeless 3 times, only the first time did I notify the council, they were so horrible I couldn't face it again. Maybe this is the plan, if they're cruel to people who make a homeless application then they scare them away and so keep the figures lower. Result!

    After my divorce I found myself unable to find housing for myself and my 11yo daughter. I spent weeks looking at shitty, moldy, damp "accommodation." However, as I had been an OO since the mid 90s, self employed and no history of renting, the letting agents didn't want to know, so I spoke to the local council. They told me to sign up to this system where you "bid" for social housing. However, you first have to be means tested and banded depending on severity of need. Unfortunately, a soon to be homeless single parent is way down the list of priority. The listings for available housing were few, miles away from my area and heavily subscribed by other bidders, unsurprisingly.  I contacted the council again to explain that there was no housing in my area and bidders with a local connection to the housing that was available would have priority over me anyway. The guy on the phone told me there was nothing they could do and I would have to "find housing through the private sector".

  12. 2 hours ago, onlooker said:



    I agree, with the added comment that given the new relationship between Govt and banks, it allows Govt to raise money in future just by threatening the banks with fines for some misdemeaner or other. The banks will in future become just a tax raising arm of the Govt. The prid pro quo of that, is that the Govt will ensure they don't go bust in the future, but they will not be allowed to make massive profits again either.

    The tax is therefore a percentage of someone's debt, the balance sheet must grow, and this time they will be too big to bail. And who's interested in profits these days? It's all about bonuses and share buy backs.

  13. 2 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    Doesn't that just amount to exactly the same thing?

    Pumping State-printed money into RBS or letting RBS go bust and pumping State-printed money into RBS v2 seem to achieve a similar effect, except that in the v2 scenario there's a huge amount of wasted time and disruption whilst thousands of payments bounce and everyone has to wait for new accounts to set up with new account numbers in v2.

    To me, the only alternatives were:
    - let RBS go bust, and accept that virtually everyone in the country will lose money, and lose faith in the banking system
    - bail it out, and accept that the cost of doing so is a monumental amount of money, and that it proves banks are "too big to fail"

    Once that hole was dug there was no easy way out.  The way they chose was probably the best of the two bad options.

    Well if you believe the recent survey that concluded 9 out of 10n MPs don't understand monetary theory correctly, the decision was probably made for them by the finance industry. The banks run the show, they are our new feudal lords, and our political system isn't fit for purpose.

  14. 1 minute ago, scottbeard said:

    One of the big misconceptions is that it was BANKERS bailed out in 2008.  It was BANKS.  If they hadn't been bailed out, ordinary people would have lost all of their savings in the bankruptcy of RBS, whilst meanwhile the bankers would have been unemployed for a fortnight and then got a new job at "RBS v2" which was formed the following week.

    Blame the bankers by all means, but don't blame the bailouts.

    One of the big misconceptions is that BANKS can function or even exist without BANKERS. And the savers couldn't have been bailed out using new deposits in a national bank?

  15. 1 hour ago, happyguy said:


    I was living in a B&B when I was 21 but then I got pregnant and had to leave.

    So she lives in a [email protected] and gets pregnant then moans she has no money and expects to be housed by the state.  Yea ok then - ever heard of contraception? 

    So they were making junk bonds from bad mortgages, paying themselves millions in bonuses and laundering money. Then it went tits up and they expected the state to bail them out for best part of a trillion quid!? Yeah ok then, ever heard of looting on an industrial scale?

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