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  1. This one is ******ing mint! Aussies are thick as shit and shallow enough to paddle in.
  2. Sorry, yes I've just seen the news on my FB feed. Crikey!
  3. I see the Tories clinging on after a hard Brexit and potentially a sovereign debt crisis, especially if the Fed remains hawkish.
  4. They seem more than happy to backstop bonds once they enter the secondary market.
  5. It's falling apart because they're all trying to stay within EU budget rules while the ECB desperately prints to support bank balance sheets.
  6. EU budget rules, austerity by another name. Same outcome.
  7. "Belarus has executed two estate agents who conned six vulnerable people into giving up their homes then killed them and buried them alive." How does that work then?
  8. And from the bank's perspective- "Scumbag mortgagees exist to be gouged, don’t like it? Get a banking license and walk tall"
  9. I had a Volvo 740 and a 240 on LPG. Very simple conversions, loads of room under the bonnet. I'm pretty sure the LPG conversion industry is dead for anything other than keeping old dinosaurs on the road, V8s, 4x4s and Volvos!
  10. You ever had anything to do with LPG conversions? I used to fit them in the early 2000s - nightmare!
  11. It was only a couple of years ago I was living in the back of a lorry with my 10yo daughter. Restricted mortgage or not, the letting agents don't want to know.
  12. There were photo going around on Facebook showing some shockingly bad bricklaying on new builds. They can't get the skilled labour.
  13. "I have already decided to no longer shop at B&Q for the materials needed for my large portfolio of houses in south Wales" I wonder what kind of outfit " Dr Ros Beck " is running if she shops for materials at B&Q. It's like a professional mechanic buying their parts from Halfords. Everyone I know with any interest in property maintenance has an account at Jewson or RGB. It implies she does the work herself and is too incompetent to order at the counter, instead preferring to browse the aisles looking for stuff that'll "do the job". She sounds like an utter shit kicker.
  14. “In addition to allegedly helping people into housing we have also heard how they and others ‘help’ tenants remain in their housing by informing them that they can wait for the bailiffs in cases of eviction – a process which is ruinous and devastating for landlords." https://www.propertyindustryeye.com/landlords-who-have-had-enough-of-being-bashed-to-organise-boycott-of-businesses-that-support-shelter/?fbclid=IwAR3T_EL54B-1BQn9gvVjShCgIuPQNr3h7ezsQi34_E0vr0XD56qvZ7E6EQw
  15. One place I was shown was full of flies and stank. The LL hadn't emptied the old tenants bin or fridge and the key meter had shut off the power. I was there with my daughter and the agent just shrugged.
  16. After my divorce I found myself unable to find housing for myself and my 11yo daughter. I spent weeks looking at shitty, moldy, damp "accommodation." However, as I had been an OO since the mid 90s, self employed and no history of renting, the letting agents didn't want to know, so I spoke to the local council. They told me to sign up to this system where you "bid" for social housing. However, you first have to be means tested and banded depending on severity of need. Unfortunately, a soon to be homeless single parent is way down the list of priority. The listings for available housing were few, miles away from my area and heavily subscribed by other bidders, unsurprisingly. I contacted the council again to explain that there was no housing in my area and bidders with a local connection to the housing that was available would have priority over me anyway. The guy on the phone told me there was nothing they could do and I would have to "find housing through the private sector".
  17. The tax is therefore a percentage of someone's debt, the balance sheet must grow, and this time they will be too big to bail. And who's interested in profits these days? It's all about bonuses and share buy backs.
  18. Well if you believe the recent survey that concluded 9 out of 10n MPs don't understand monetary theory correctly, the decision was probably made for them by the finance industry. The banks run the show, they are our new feudal lords, and our political system isn't fit for purpose.
  19. One of the big misconceptions is that BANKS can function or even exist without BANKERS. And the savers couldn't have been bailed out using new deposits in a national bank?
  20. So they were making junk bonds from bad mortgages, paying themselves millions in bonuses and laundering money. Then it went tits up and they expected the state to bail them out for best part of a trillion quid!? Yeah ok then, ever heard of looting on an industrial scale?
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