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  1. zzzzzzzzzzz............zzzzzzzzzz..zz
  2. There is alot of "talk" of IR topping out in the near future. BASED ON WHAT PLEASE ?
  3. FTB's jumping in as prices fall ? The thick and desperate maybe. Most will watch the maket fall with a vengeance and revel in the misery of the smug BTL and the rest of the economic retards. Any FTB with an ounce of sence will wait. This "boom" runs deep.It has created a big rich/poor gap illusion, people are angry and feel cheated. Phill and Kirsty should fear for their lives.
  4. I was watching CNBC investors clinic the other day. Basicly two "economic experts" take questions from the viewers. When Hugh Hendrey (Odey asset managment) was asked about UK Housing market he said something about doing a house price crash Google search and getting 1.3 million hits. (more like 1.1) He went on to say that markets that are scrutinized as much as this one dont crash. ?!? Does anyone have any evidence of his statements being correct ?
  5. That's the news I've been waiting a long time for. If true it will certainly crack the egg shell.
  6. TB you may find this site some use ?
  7. 2) Low unemployment caused by cheap credit is an integral part of the boom illusion.
  8. Please back up that statement with a fact, the world is waiting.
  9. Just goes to show how the market has been driven by nothing more substantial than cheap borrowing, speculation on unreasonable fundamentals and at the peak by fools.
  10. The pool is full of sea lions hyper-active on the high energy fish the zoo keeper has been irresponsibly feeding them. They wont put the ball down but keep throwing it higher. Radical vandal types from the Middle East dump stacks of expensive oil into the pool (in a Blue Peter garden stylie)and inadvertently shoot the ball at the same time. The zoo keeper gets a bollocking from his boss for letting this happen and using up all the fish, which are now at a premium. The ball now looks less appealing to the sea lions who are preoccupied with finding the fish they need to survive in all this oily mess. They try to swap the ball with the zoo down the road in exchange for some fish, but they are in the same situation and offer just enough fish for the sea lions to get by on. A new ball gets thrown into the pool but the sea lions ignore it .it just drifts around while they clear up the mess. Never liked sea lions much.
  11. Somebody left the credit tap on ? The pool may leak if inflation starts rising ?(oil)
  12. TTRTR data from watsonwyatt.com SH So global interest rates are low , ergo the rise in oil hasn't kicked-in yet ? Are we not in more of a dangerous situation now than we were then with comsumption at 80mb per day and rising ? Nice graph!
  13. In jan '88 RPI was 3.3% and IR was 7.75%. By jan '89 RPI was 7.5% and IR was 12.5% In sept '90 RPI hit 10.9% and IR peaked at 14.5%. RPI began to fall in nov '90 and fell to 1.2% in jun '93 as did IR to 6% Does anyone remember the inflationary pressure back then ,I would like to know. These numbers seem to shoot holes through the "low rates era" argument !??
  14. Vote for the "lets stop burying our heads in the sand the oil is running out and we're all gonna starve"party. Green ?
  15. What do you think its worth in the real world 45-50 ? How far do you think the area will drop by ? Be a total *******. Put your money where your mouth is and maybe scare the crap out of him at the same time. You've nothing to lose unless you're in love with the place.
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