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  1. Now available again, the sale has fallen through after 3 months.
  2. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/files/2010/05/may-2010.pdf
  3. Sorry for not updating you - It did go STC a couple of days after my offer.
  4. If it does stay unsold or they come back to me I will mail the owner, my view at the moment is that 194 was never accepted by the owner. I may be wrong and I will send an update. Basically I would never trust anything an estate agent states.
  5. Yes all the offers we made by me and declined until today, first offer was made last Monday.
  6. I was the only one bidding I offered 194 to secure it. After they accepted 194 today 3 hrs later they phoned me to tell me someone who looked at the house a few weeks ago has offered 200. Have told then I will only buy for 190 now if they come back to me. Could be BS timewill tell
  7. Went to view a house a few weeks ago on originally for 250, last sold price 180 late 2003. Offered 190, then 192 then had offer accepted of 194 today. I had a call not 3 hrs after the offer was accepted asking me to increase my offer to 201 as they have had a higher offer. Unbelievable!
  8. Before I make a decision on any of the above I would like to know if the contract is viod.
  9. Hi All, Advise needed please. I have just been informed by mail that my letting agent has ceased trading, luckily the DD was due to go out on Monday the 28th so I have stopped this (very lucky as it was sent 2nd class) No deposite was taken but we paid 2 months rent in advance, so effectively I think that means we could just leave on the 28th April if we wanted to as the contact has beened cancelled by the letting agent. I have been sent the landlords details for setting up payments but am reluctant to do this as I think the previous Contract is now viod and therefore there is no contract in place? Looking for advise on what to do, I am thinking this may be a good opportunity to set up a contract direct with the landlord and get a rent reduction as there wouldn't be any letting agent fees. Thanks for your help
  10. Looked at a house last week in Bristol and was told by the EA that there were 37 new people that registered with their office half of which were cash buyers. Also had a call advising there were 2 second viewings on the house we were interested in that day, did I want to know if any offers were made, this on a house that hasn't sold in at least 8 months.
  11. For some time now all the agents in my area have been showing price drops or failed sales as new listings. This must help their time on the market stats. One of the agents in my area have relisted all their properties today as they are having a 10% off sale which ends in March.
  12. I am in Bristol and seeing new properties added daily, although many of them are in excess of 2007 prices.
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