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  1. Who has the biggest Tallywhacker? Probably not me, I'm just a hamster.
  2. Has this topic really been derailed? The two key words of the topic are Immigrants and Deserving. Whether or not someone deserves a particular thing is very subjective, and invites emotional openness. A few questions that might be useful to ask are? What are the criteria for something being deserved? Is it in economic benefit? or in Social benefit? What do you mean by being housed? Are you talking about asylum seekers, or immigrants? What are the immigration criteria for having housing paid for? Has anyone read the documentation for this? Where is the link? What is the housing that the maj
  3. Glad you mentioned that, just seen the pic now. Had to question the term "credit system" in one of the bubbles, and thought the term 'credit' came later than 1875? Would be interesting to be able to validate the authenticity of this, as this looks like modern day propoganda. From whom, I don't know.
  4. The general consensus across all posts seems to be that the HPC will take years to fully pan out. A HPC doesn't happen over night, but looking just at house prices is a mistake. Prices have been rising dramatically, while salaries have increased at a much lower rate and CPI inflation has been "low", wheras when house prices start to fall, salaries will still be rising. Inflation will start rising and erode the house prices also. In other words.... Imagine a situation where house prices are dropping slowly but: Your savings are reaping higher rates of interest. Your salary is still going up
  5. Something all you all might be interested in is a google video called century of the self (BBC 4 documentary), very interesting perspective on culture transitions, from the first world war, to the present decade. It looks at Freud and his American nephew, who looks to be the one that presented the tool of phychological manupiulation to corporations and helped them use it VERY EFFECTIVELY! Obviously Jealousy isn't a new emotion or gloating, but the vid does explain how society became more selfish, and even how new labour used it to get into power!
  6. I assume what you mean to say was 'CO2 has fk all to do with global warming'. Even if it is code for using less fuel, is this a bad thing? Fuel is abused by the richest nations, just like money. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, I think most people would agree that wasting energy where it is not needed is financially silly from an individual point of view, as well as from the point of view of living in balance with your resources. Who said it was ok if they are wind powered to be wasteful? You say that we didn't secure the oil in iraq? How could the us/uk have gained any more power tha
  7. Define Socialism: adherence to the theory social organization which believes the proprietorship and the authority of the means of production, capital, land, etc. should belong to the entire community. "grubby champagne socialist noses"? I guess those of us who believe a select few people shoudn't own all the land or resources necessary for survival must be 'communists'
  8. From what I've read, intelligence seems to give very little defence against goot brainwashing and manipulation, even if the individuals are educated about the manipulative techniques (have a look on the torrents for books on manipulation and brainwashing). Speaking of manipulation and brainwashing...is the name ipodjunky meant to be ironic in relation to your post?
  9. I'll have to remember that one for when I'm in one of my really cynical moods.
  10. You say credit cards that you no longer need. Does this mean that you will be keeping some credit cards and that you need them? I'm asking, not to judge, but to better understand, as I came to the conclusion that no credit cards are necessary. I'm curious to know if there are any situations that credit cards are necessary, or a prefereance to saving. I ask this with complete neutrality, and imply no judgement.
  11. It's shocking if they happen to be single, and the source of the stat is accurate and is a true representation of the whole country.
  12. It does still disharten me that so many people voted back in a mass murderer (sounds harsh, but that is what it amounts to). A collection of harsh facts for you if you want to get into government politics are. a) The conservative squandered the north sea oil windfall they got. Didn't the conservatives privatise our gas/electricity/rail/telecoms? If you believe this was a good thing, then you must also agree to New Labour privatising our post office/hospitals(by stealth)/schools(by stealth)/councils(by stealth) is also a good thing? Hmm? c) They were involved in countless sleaze and corru
  13. Furby, I've now got parts 1-3 on google video, you're sure there's a fourth part? I can't find it! Regarding your points 1-6 1. Not sure what you mean by "collapse" of fiat currencies. You mean hyperinflation? i.e wheelbarrow of money for loaf of bread type of thing? 2. If the oil runs out, then the energy barons have nothing left to make money from, I'm sure they've already got their alternative energy empires ready to phase in. 3. The global warming issue is a bit questionable, see http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...ial+engineering 4. the highjackers of the planes at 9/11 did
  14. The video below rasied some good questions about the validity of claims that CO2 is causing global warming. I don't doubt that we need to start living more in balance with our resources, but a part of me has to ask the question: With oil being a finite resource, that is apparently going to dwindle over the next 50-100 years, are the energy barons going to be positioning themselves to be the dominant players in renewable energy? And to what extent will the taxpayer be subsidising them? It seems strange that with all that's going on in our economy, that CO2 emissions and climate change is beco
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