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  1. In a similar situation STR early last year and have been monitoring the area. EA's have recently been more open to offers I believe far below asking prices. They know that there's no correlation anymore.

    I was looking at the sold prices on zoopla or similar site and the rabbit hutches - I mean new builds in Weatherall Mews off Watson's walk which mostly sold for �500k - the last one went for �330K! And (admittedly a probate) house near me sold for �340K asking price �440k. Both in Feb. There weren't many transactions in addition to those.

    I think the 330k in Wetherall Mews was for one of the 2 bungalows/ 'granny flats' at the end. Point is though, that the bigger houses which originally sold for 500 have dropped nearly 20% like the broader UK housing market. St Albans is not really a special case.

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