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  1. Ah yes i see now thats good news then!! the reason I was asking about sales volumes is because I was wondering why there seems to be new estate agents opening in halifax, Is this meant to be a sign of a strong market? how can they afford to operate? An EA did once inform me that this area was immune to national prices as it was so desirable...mmmmm!
  2. according to your first link tinecu, i am right in saying there is an average of 52% less properties sold in jan06 than sept04?
  3. mmmm wonder what all the windows and the door is open for? letting out the smell of damp??
  4. I agree, I have seen quite a few sold signs of late but there does seem to be loads of new properties coming on the market every day (more so then what is being sold). We have been considering moving to another rental property recently but, unless we want an apartment (of which we would have a choice of nearly every block full locally!), there isn't much out there for families..has everyone str?? and if there is a shortage, will this encourage more btl?
  5. I was surprised to see that a West Yorkshire EA has opened a new office in our area (Halifax) Does this mean they think business is going to be good? Is this as a sign that the crash is going to be delayed 'up North'?..hope not :angry:
  6. Baz63, I can't seem to see how up to date this graph is anywhere on the webpage? Is it only up to the first quarter of 2005? Hope so - we might see a downward trend for West Yorks once its up to date!
  7. I'm from Halifax not so far away, I expected that the earnings in Bradford would be low, as with all these industrial northern towns, all the manufacturing industries are dying and being replaced with call centres (although even the call centres are going overseas..). Still, it leaves all the mills empty to be turned into 'luxury apartments' that no-one can afford/wants to live in .. I read something in the Sunday paper a couple of months ago about some trendy design company from Manchester converting one of the mills and how it would be the start of big things for Bradford? has it come to fr
  8. Soo funny as well as making the point so explicitly! Well done to you!
  9. Thanks for posting this one B&B, it makes for interesting stuff..I wonder what the ratio of earnings to house prices is in Bradford? They are going to be very busy at the CAB with all those people who have borrowed 5x their salary..
  10. HI Wl, there is a good tool on the FT website for buying v renting might be worth putting a link in the section. Highlighted to me straight away that we were better off staying put in our lovely rented house!
  11. I know what you are saying Leeds-Bozz and the trouble is the banks still lend at stupid multiples, I suppose the question is when to we get to the point that FTB simple cannot get on to the ladder at all costs as there is just nothing and nowhere available with the stupid prices...When I see sstc going up i wonder just WHO is buying and HOW?
  12. Here Here - made some excellent reading! (or should i say hear hear! duh!)
  13. Dont know what the average reader will read into it though, if you are the reader sat in your house (surrounded by your newly financed wide screen tv/dvd etc etc)that you think has doubled in value and that you have 'made' so much money on then you would maybe have a laissez faire attitude to the situation... probably doesnt even cross peoples minds that somethings got to give..everyone i speak to always say they dont think prices will go down much, what do you do (apart from rent!!! )?
  14. Here i am again with another 'shocking' headline from the Halifax Evening Courier:- http://www.halifaxcouriertoday.co.uk/ViewA...ticleID=1083507 Headline "You can't afford to live here" "At least two out of three families in Calderdale cannot afford to buy a simple terrace house or flat..." It makes me laugh that underneath the headline there is another story about how the sale of a local old high school building has fallen through as the negotiations with the property developer wishing to turn it into "executive" apartments didnt move quickly enough.... mmm cold feet eh?? Surely peop
  15. Akhtus my take on the property market in the Halifax area is that the higher priced properties are not shifting but they are still selling at the lower end. It is only a matter of time before price reductions begin to filter downwards..I would have to disagree with the statement that there isn't a 'glut of houses' on the market. Everytime i look at rightmove, the number of pages of properties available just keeps growing and growing...
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