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  1. It's probably the fault of those greedy bankers who are responsible for everything wrong in the UK.
  2. i'm currently renting a place where I'm coming towards the end of the tenancy agreement (expires 1st of March) and I'm looking at other places to move to. My current tenancy agreement sets out the period of the tenancy, etc, etc but does not mention me having to give notice at the end of the tenancy. Does this mean I could just tell the agent I'm moving out on the last day of the agreement without needing to give notice? My previous place did mention notice periods and I gave that notice before I moved. I have provisionally agreed to go on to a periodic tenancy when the contract ends but that
  3. What area of the country are you in? As a comparison here in Newcastle city centre the last time I moved the admin fee was £300 with the usual month's rent up from and 6 weeks rent as a deposit. In short I think your lot are taking the p*ss. Most letting agents use credit reference agencies to get a rating for you at about £40 and other than that they might need to call your current landlord and employer and change one name on the contract. About an hour's work tops!
  4. The day the institution goes bust.
  5. I work in Financial Services and it is down to the FSA that this is being promoted to reassure customers. They initially wanted banks to advise customers of the FSCS quarterly through inserts with statements, etc but this was reduced to annually so expect to see this more often. To whoever asked, yes foreign currency would be converted to sterling at whatever the rate was that day to decide how much you are eligible to be refunded.
  6. It's been a while since I've done a Rightmove "for sale" search in my preferred area (city centre flats) as I've given up on buying for the next few years/forever but I did one just now and I'm staggered by how many there are available right now. Perhaps your average BTLer has realised sentiment is turning and is trying to offload while they can. The thing is there is a massive variation in prices, say £90k to £150k for one-bedders that are all essentially the same but also some two-bedders in there. As the posts above suggest some 2007 dreamers in there mixed with some realistic, maybe despar
  7. Probably worth about £500k and then it'll cost you six figures a year to run and another couple of mil to bring up to spec. Bargain.
  8. I don't know whether it will push purchase prices down but rents are really going up at the moment. My current place on the Quayside is expensive I think but it's looking cheap at the moment. Hope my landlord doesn't attempt a rent increase.
  9. Probably depends if they still have final salary pensions and what percentage they're entitled to.
  10. Ha, I was considering posting something similar at the weekend. Yes, there doesn't seem to be that much action at the moment. Although the city centre flats I'm looking at have come down in price they're still well north of what I'd actually pay to own one. This is a considerable pain in my rear considering rents seem to be going up! I don't get the impression that house prices have reduced much but must admit I've never really looked into them in much detail. It'll not be until some of the public sector cuts come into force and/or an increase in interest rates that we'll see real change o
  11. You could well be on the right track there dieseldriven. I know that the Rialto building has a hell of a lot of students in it. The good thing about that is that when the trains aren't making the building vibrate the students will instead.
  12. Did anyone see the episode a couple of weeks where they got a couple to pay OVER the asking price on an already overpriced house? Pure insanity! Can't remember where it was, possibly Bristol.
  13. All of these new build flats will be fairly cheap for students with no council tax to pay and water bills included in the rent, especially if they share. Makes sense for them to live there. Maybe not so great for professional tenants or owner occupiers if they get some noisy neighbours.
  14. The emergency budget could really be the last nail in the North East's housing market coffin. How can prices stay so high when no bugger has a job?
  15. Do not 'ring-fence' any area of the budget, i.e. get rid of the ridiculous multi-level bureaucracy that blights the NHS and many of their "no purpose" jobs. I think this would actually improve front-line services.
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