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  1. Its called a debate, not a battle. Comment all you like, believe it or not people actually have opposing views to you guys. House prices in general dont really concern me. Its the broader economy I what I wish to see doing well again.
  2. But, but, but, but, havent you noticed, news and sentiment is getting better all the time. Bank dont go broke in the UK or havent you noticed that either.
  3. Hahahaah! The bears are really picking at straws now - This ones titled "BBs Mortgage book implodes - end of the world! Game over!" Then you open it and its actaully tittled "B&B feels heat as 5% of borrowers default". 5% WOW! I know these banks took risks but 5% of loans going bad is stuff all! That means 95% of loans are good.
  4. 1) So a retard bit off more than he could chew. Yes there a few of these around but not at 1990 levels of repossesion 2) So lock in for a rate of around 5% for 3 or 4 years - hows that different from the last 5 or 6 years? 3) I bet in most of these cases the vendors (if not stressed) will take it off the market - Then we see "no good stock on the market" threads.
  5. Lost me there chief. Ive had a blackberry for years.
  6. Ive been lurking here for a few months - Only started playing recently to even up this debate. You guys can spin the great news into bad at the drop of a hat. Some are well, just complete "dicks" when they see a debate they dont agree with. "GM and Chrysler are broke!!!!........ 3 million plus unemployed or affected, end of the world!!" actually turns out to be Chrysler restructured, GM offloading non performing assets and becoming a leaner, meaner company. Dont get me wrong, every lost job, in every sector is a tragedy and I feel very lucky to be employed in this enviroment. In saying that there has been massive over capacity in car manufacturing for years. Something has to give. The Koreans and Indians werent making cars 20 years ago. Ill keep clear or proper "Bear food" though -
  7. Why does every post have to go on about your sig?
  8. Interest rates wont rise for 12 months and when they do it will be in .25 bp moves. Do you think Mervyn and Ben have got the balls to kill the equity and housing markets? I dont think so.
  9. See in this thread - "US household savings up". I live here and people are definitely tightening thier belts. Diesel had a 30% off sale a month ago - no takers Then a 40% - mmm a few more shoppers than a 50% off - then it started getting busy. The saying here amoungst the masses is "Less is the new more".
  10. Im well aware of how a capitalist society works. No one said they had to wait till someone died. Buy now and take advantage of the 20 -25% discount that you've just been offered. It wont last long!
  11. Can we start a thread on how many times this graph has been shown in the last few weeks? I love it, Its so scientific. I mean all the dates, numbers and historical references are just awesome. How can it be wrong?
  12. Ill add to that - Wall Street Hiring again. This photo is rubbish (busted blackberry) But you get the message. I was walking down Broadway yesterday and noticed this in the window of a Chase bank about a block away from Wall Street. I know one swallow doesn't make a summer but its better than 12 months ago. To all those heads out there going on about GM - Its a dinosuar that needs to be restructured. You'll all agree a 10% drop in staff is better than a 100% cut in staff.
  13. Unless its 3 or 4 syblings with mortgages of thier own wanting to maximise thier take.
  14. They leave it to someone else. If they die of old age its unlikely they have a mortgage. If they die another way life insurance will pay out so the partner can buy the house. The remaining circumstances are neither here nor there.
  15. Gold primarily is a hedge against inflation. The USD looks rather sad (note how all currencies in the below graph are stronger against it). Buying gold is a form of wealth protection. Its not the end of the world and house prices wont fall to 20p.
  16. I read a report on bloomberg last week saying GS believe the pound was 15% oversold. Its all sentiment. Rates wont rise in the UK for a year from here.
  17. But its not one days positive stats is it. News is getting less worse all the time. I saw a "we're hiring" sign in the window of a Chase bank on Wall Street in the weekend.
  18. 12 months ago the bears would have bitten your arm off for a 25-30% drop in prices. Now they have it they expect another 20% When I see 3 or 4 MORE of the apocolyptic bears in here buying we know this is the bottom.
  19. I should of said a lot of alternative media on this. Valid point that the Guardian (MSM) has picked this up. The queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix (who someone tried to assasinate the other day) is heavily involved in this group. Alex Jones has some good insight into them. However I lose interest after he gets his loudhaler megaphone out and start crowing NWO over and over again. In saying that where there is smoke there is fire.
  20. Maybe you should try offering more than that commie "citizens wage" as pay........
  21. Its not the end of the world - it will still trade, albeit restructured. A deal is close to getting done with Magna. I guess they should start making some cars people actually want to buy.
  22. Alex Jones, conspiracy nut extrodonaire stalks the Bilderberg Group every year. There must be something to it. It gets a lot of press
  23. Hi - Been a lurker here for a few months. I see some posts that are so off the wall (some dreamer hoping house prices will drop 90% was my fav). Others by Dr Bubb and co seem very sensible. Hamish and Rinoa have some valid points. I bought a flat in West London for 200k in 2004, have no idea what its worth now but only have a 30k mortgage. Ive been lucky enough to work at a hedge fund (doing IT) for the last few years which has paid nice xmas bonuses. I currently live in NYC.
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