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  1. I work for a hedge fund and thought our expenses were bad. These civil servants took pi$$ taking to a whole new level. The audacity to say "Ive done nothing wrong/outside of the rules" just really goes to show how far out of touch all sides of the house are.
  2. I had a friend who put his place on the market 20% below valuation in Chiswick to "flick it quick" at xmas. Over a hundred views with no offer. In saying that the market has changed considerably in the last half.
  3. With an ever decreasing amount of decent stock on the market good luck finding something!
  4. I wondered how far away this was. Good on the EA's. Vendors were sick of EA's bringing 60, 70, 80 people through a place and no bid. In fact the buyer had no money! Wasting everyones time. I compare this to going for a job interview. The employee wants a salary, the employer is willing to pay "x". When I go to an interview I know what the salary and benifits are before hand so no one is wasting thier time.
  5. So one works for Savills and the other works for Winkworths. Its not irrelevant. His costs have gone up as well over thes years.
  6. His case is different to other politicians. He cant blame the last guy, because he was the last guy! Couldnt agree more. The unelected primeminister will get voted out.
  7. Lets all just pull numbers and muliplies out of our asres to get the right figure. Absolute comedy.
  8. Whats the difference? Its still the same %. You sell the house for more so you get a higher %, so does he. Regardless of whether its 400k or 100k.
  9. You're always on about wage inflation or lack of it arent you. May I ask what your profession is?
  10. All I know is that govts do whatever it takes to stay in power and this clown is hardly known for being responsible with the countries purse strings is he.
  11. Yeah - I saw some debate on how much baked beans cost one day. Someone was worried about 20p a can.
  12. Hahaha - This is the best case of denial I've seen. You've got a really bad case. Take a strong sedative and have a lie down.
  13. Its not enough money YET. Look, lets be honest they will do whatever it takes to get this economy running again. If its not enough they will print some more. Ultimately more dollars or quid chasing the same amount of goods and services will without doubt create inflation. Wages will rise. Leading will return to a normal trajectory Please don't go on about rising unemployment. Unfortunate as it is its always the last move of a recession. These jobs will get created again in new sectors that the govt will give tax breaks too. I'm picking its green tech this time around.
  14. Correct me if im wrong but this graph says average prices dropped only 18% in the last slump. You bears now have a 25 -30% drop and you expect another 20%? Not going to happen with all the money thats been pumped into the system.
  15. Couldnt agree more. Plumbers were the worst.
  16. Its rather embarrassing - and i cant change it!
  17. Not at all - CNBC were bleating on about it everyday a few weeks ago. The they ALL took TARP money, whether they needed/wanted it or not. Excuse my signature. Ive asked the mods to give me some more permissions. I cant change it back!
  18. No, they werent. But if only the sick ones were given money the equity markets would have seen who was weak and who was strong. Then we would be in a situation where not only NR, ML, BS and LB were taken over or bankrupted. If that happened we would come out of this with less competition and 2 or 3 big banks. In an ideal world these banks would of gone under and the smaller more responsible banks would of had thier chance at growing.
  19. Thats a valid point. But the banks were bailed out to keep the econonic engines of the world running. Its unfortunate that private institutions have so much influences over nation states.
  20. Im English, living in NY. Im well aware banks are on a govt splint at the moment, the point I was making is they are not allowed to fail. Dont try and get all hero on me toilet cleaner. Your doom and gloom apple cart is on fire.
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