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  1. Gez - When i go for a pizz at 3am thats the last "bedroom" id want to have. Man that looks dangerous......
  2. So MOST - myself included think its still 12 months away? One vote for Nov 09. Thats still a long time for people to suck up the pain. 12 months time we will be out of recession. I agree with Hamish. The market won't be like 04 - 07 but the negative numbers will definitely stop and we will see slight positives.
  3. No confusion at all. The BOE base rate (as the question states) is .5%. I'd like to know when you think it will rise.
  4. Lots of talk of rates rising in here. Q) Which month of which year does the BOE make its first .25bp rise to the base rate? Lots of us on trackers in here. Im curious to know the feeling. I see the hyperinflation TFH's have disappeared. Lets see if one of you can actually give an answer this time.
  5. So the answer is how many forced sales will there be? Or how fast will the bears be able to find a deal! They are all too busy professing the end of the world to buy a house. With interest rates at near zero, and if the govt buys its own debt again it will stay at zero for a while. They will rise but I dont think they will for at least 6 - 8 months. Possibly a year.
  6. Thanks for the thought out response. But at what % do you admit you are wrong? See I dont think forced sales are going to be as bad as everyone says. In additon banks arent trying to work out payment plans with motgage holders. They arent as ruthless as they were. If people are worried about rates they will lock in for 5 years now. It will take them a long time to get to 5% again. Brown and King arent stupid enough to kill the equity and housing markets. I think unemployment stops rising at xmas and starts falling by March. My logic - there was plenty of supply and goods made in boom times. These inventories will depleat and need to be renewed. Someone had to make these goods. I also know the govt gives tax breaks to green tech companies - this will be the next growth engine for the economy.
  7. To be honest I dont think I will sell. Im not gloating but I owe 30k and have a .54% above BOE tracker. After tax Im in 600 quid a month so its making money (queue the hisses and booos). Ill move back to the UK eventually and a free place to live is better than renting. IF - I was in negative equity I still wouldnt sell because Id be in a hole. I think youll find a lot of people in this position now.
  8. Si - Or a SARS or an Ebola, or a Flesh eating bug. Or most likely another non event......
  9. Are you serious? Has swine flu killed anyone without a preexisting condition? If it was so bad it would have got worse where it started!
  10. I asked for a % and got some random answer, I was being sarcastic at the avoidance of giving a %.
  11. You do realise that pig flu has killed less people than the normal flu does every day?
  12. So at what % do you admit you are wrong? There must be a number surely.
  13. So - We have all see the "spring bounce". Question is will it continue? As we all know a few bears have capitulated and bought. Q) At what % up do you bears take your fingers out of your ears and realise March/April was the bottom and you missed it? If Im wrong (last time it happened was when I was 10, put too much flour in the scones ), no seriously If Im wrong and prices drop another 7% I'd happily admit that.
  14. But ignorance is bliss. Something along the lines of "national security" will get said and it will all be forgotten.
  15. A bear sees that as cheaper housing. The faster the sky falls the better.
  16. is that the part where you complain about your salary again??
  17. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8089117.stm The pace of decline of the world's major economies is slowing, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The composite leading indicators (CLI) index for the 30 countries in the OECD rose 0.5 point in April, but was still 8.3 points lower than April 2008. "It is still too early to assess whether it is a temporary or a more durable turning point," the OECD said. The CLI index for the UK rose by 0.7 point, and the US was up by 0.2 point. In the eurozone, the CLI index increased by 0.8 point, but was down 6.3 points from the same month last year. 'Reduced pace' The global economy is poised for its worst year since World War II as the major economies have fallen into severe recession. The organisation said countries not included in the OECD were still declining at a fast pace, with the exception of China and India. Both those countries showed similar signs of easing to the US and Europe. The data points to a "reduced pace of deterioration in most of the OECD economies with stronger signals of a possible trough in Canada, France, Italy and the United Kingdom", the OECD said. World stock markets have recovered from their lows in March on hopes for a global recovery, based mainly on survey data of consumer and business confidence.
  18. Sorry - i completely got your comment wrong. I thought you were having a go at my spelling.
  19. Its not a ponzi scheme - Its wealth creation for the nation. Do you think you can beat them? No - I suggest you take advantage of the 25% drop and get involved.
  20. Yes - I mean the ONLY way house prices will drop is if the economy gets worse. Who wants that? Ohh yeah, some VI bears all hoping for a cheap house. Have you not noticed every internal and external govt dept is doing it best to stop on a world wide level? Do you guys like seeing people unemployed and suffering?
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