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  1. Exactly - the guy knows nothing about HFs so as soon as a fact is produced - "you're and idiot".
  2. You have every right to be - good luck with whatever happens.
  3. Thats simply not true - I work for a hedgefund and every investor is carefully checked to make sure they are legit.
  4. What did Brown expect? He starts a war on tax havens AND expects them to keep their money in the UK?! I dont blame them......
  5. Awesome - 30 quid a month interest payments for at least the next 12 months.
  6. You make it sound like a new thing. Ask your old man and grandad if they thought their mortgage payments were expensive. If they were less in relation to take home pay ask him how much furniture was before Ikea came along and how much he paid for a TV.
  7. I think you should of asked where it was - Id bite your arm off for a place size that cheap.
  8. They (the people buying the 600k houses) are a different set of people who bought in 1995. However they bought 2 bed flats for 80k and sold them for 350k in 2008. No one buys a 1m quid house straight off the bat. In 15 years time the 2m quid houses will be getting sold to the people who bought 250k flats in 2010 and sold for 1m in 2025. Its always worked this way and always will.
  9. Ohh no - not Robin Geffen! Hes he when hes at home?
  10. I spent half my childhood growing up on a farm in New Zealand - Absolutley awesome. I call it Britain with palm trees. Go there at least 500,000 quid though. Houses arent cheap and kiwis negotiate like the Scots.......
  11. After reading that Broon would of set a new record for the "printer throw". Rather scathing attack...
  12. I'll concede the TV licence fee is theft. But I'll also point out that TV's get cheaper every 5 minutes.
  13. Touchy today - Didnt you get a pay rise or something?
  14. 6 quid a YEAR - thats not even 2 pints. Hardly a big deal for the benefit it will provide.
  15. People on trackers will get the direct benefit. This isn't aimed at them though. If the BoE didn't do this banks would be making rates a lot higher. Notice how this comes out straight after banks start to raise rates? Brown will do ANYTHING to keep rates low and keep the equity markets flowing.
  16. Depends who is buying the bonds. You can bet, as I've predicted before, that the Govt would do this again AND buying their own debt. Why? Because we aren't out of recession yet and doing this will keep interest rates low. Contrary to popular belief Brown and King can keep rates low for an extended period of time and this is how they are doing it.
  17. Yip - he actually got elected! Strange concept I know....
  18. Did you miss the thread the other day? BoE is going to start buying some more of its own debt. That keeps rates down. 12 months at least before they rise.
  19. I've got a crappy old e36 convertible. That will do for a while. But thanks though.........
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