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  1. So what about the 90 and 100% mortgages that have started to come back onto the market? You live in dreamland. This is the bottom.
  2. Hahahaha - only another 29.8% to go for the bears to think the correction is done.
  3. In one line - When the govt stops buying its own debt they will rise.
  4. Maybe the market has finished falling. Or do you honestly think there is another 20 0r 30% to go? The bears need to take a good look at reality.
  5. No they wont. The govt can control the interest rates and will. We may see something after the election but until then I doubt they will move at all.
  6. So true - When i was originally mortgage shopping HSBC's big selling point was "we will never have rates higher than 1% above base". Not the case for a few years I think. Those on lifetime trackers are laughing.
  7. Anyone thinking this would actually happen needs their head read.
  8. Who says? If you havent MEWed a penny and bought your house in 2000 you are creaming it.
  9. News has no links yet. Comment made was "rates will be low for a sustained period of time". Can you really see the UK being any different? I cant.
  10. Wheres the news value in this? They should be exempt. Without VC companies like Apple, Intel or Silicon Valley wouldnt exist. They get burnt when something they back fails. Move on please.
  11. Its called inflation - dont worry, youll be earning more. Money sucked out of the economy will be printed back in
  12. . Q1 - Inflation will erode debt away, I see very low BoE rates for at least 12 more months, certainly under 5% for the foreseeable future. Ive read the gilts thread and it fails to mention that if the Govt buys its own debt rates will stay low. This magic trick can performed for a while. Why would Brown and King kill the equity and housing markets when they are stablising? Assets will increase in value with inflation. I dont see the property market being a star performer but decreasing house prices arent good for the ecomomy. Like it or not this is the way Western democracies from the UK to NZ and everywhere inbetween generate wealth. Do you really see that changing? Honestly? Unemployment is an issue. But this isnt the first time industry has died in the UK and wont be the last. No one makes buggy whips anymore but all those made unemployed from an industries death found something else to do. This time will be no different. Q2 - People feel secure when they buy a house. Women want a stable enviroment to bring up their kids. Its the human version of a nest. You dont need stocks and shares but you need a roof over your head. This logic combined with one of garanteeed financial gain has powered the market. A fair % of those that shouldnt have got mortgages have been burnt out of the market already. Id take these 20% falls as a correction. They wont drop much more.
  13. Really all depends on who is buying the bonds doesnt it. Im picking the Govt will buy a lot of its own bonds. Lets be honest, who else is going to buy them? Recent news reports have indicated this. You tell me what happens to the BoE base rate when the govt buys its own bonds? Rates will stay at this level for at least 12 months.
  14. Is this a standard product or was he offered it one off?
  15. You just stick to what you are good at - Posting some more news. You havent done it for 5 minutes.
  16. Im hearing stories that Hedge Funds are starting to hire again. Capital inflows during March and June and been excellent. Too early to tell but it has to bottom out somewhere. The armeggedon so many HPCers were looking forward to isnt going to happen for a few years yet.
  17. FREEZE!! FBI....... warning people on investments! Ill tell you this for free the MINIMUM in where I work is 50million USD. Now, you dont get that rich by not being clever with money. We have the FSA in the UK and the SEC in NY constantly watching us. These are facts. The ones you just googled are stereotypes for people who know nothing about how a HF works.
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