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    Laughing at Doom mongers on HPC
  1. So what about the 90 and 100% mortgages that have started to come back onto the market? You live in dreamland. This is the bottom.
  2. Hahahaha - only another 29.8% to go for the bears to think the correction is done.
  3. In one line - When the govt stops buying its own debt they will rise.
  4. Maybe the market has finished falling. Or do you honestly think there is another 20 0r 30% to go? The bears need to take a good look at reality.
  5. No they wont. The govt can control the interest rates and will. We may see something after the election but until then I doubt they will move at all.
  6. So true - When i was originally mortgage shopping HSBC's big selling point was "we will never have rates higher than 1% above base". Not the case for a few years I think. Those on lifetime trackers are laughing.
  7. Anyone thinking this would actually happen needs their head read.
  8. Who says? If you havent MEWed a penny and bought your house in 2000 you are creaming it.
  9. News has no links yet. Comment made was "rates will be low for a sustained period of time". Can you really see the UK being any different? I cant.
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