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  1. Which would be reaonable if we were discussing our favourite Spice Girl. There is also an actual truth and not accepting it does not stop it being true.
  2. No. I mean, you think that, and it has been researched. What you are saying is still largely facile nonsense.
  3. True. Of course, there are some effects. East European farm labourers drove down the wages of farm labourers (I have a couple of relatives in Lincolnshere that this affected). That said, the overall impact is to boost the economy and the poster and those like him do not genuinely care about land labourers. The other issue is that it helps food productivity and lowers food costs, which is also very good for the lowest paid.
  4. There are people who were indifferent to the PPE and Track & Trace grifts, but upset at partygate. That does not fit with it being hardened anti-Tories only. It is odd what chimes with people.
  5. It is bizarre to me that there seems to be far more outrage over the parties than there was of using the PPE shortage and the track and trace to swindle billions. I think it is because the PPE shortage affected other people, whereas they personally were affected by lockdown. Nonetheless, it does seem to have generated more outrage (as seen from a distance).
  6. I must applaud your integrity here. I agree with you. The Tories (like any large party) are a broad Church and there were always many who had keeping people in their place (generally brown people in this case) in their place as central to their ethos. There are also others like you who are more consistent in what they say.
  7. That is good and well written. The sort of staff who are benefitting are those that used to have their own office. Those that are not are the equivalent of jobs that used to be in the typing pool. The commute is not only a waste of time, but also of mental energy, far more of an issue with jobs that require contemplation. Equally, even if you worked in an office, you would have to make time to discuss with colleagues and this is required more positive effort from home than previously.
  8. In my mind, the great advantage of democracy is accountability and credibilty of the Government of its governed people. In FPTP, we tend to vote against parties rather than for them. PR means voting for your party, which tends to increase positive engagement, accountability and credibilty.
  9. See also; "Trade barriers would be a barrier to trade" "We will leave the single market if we leave it" "immigration will just be from non European countries instead"
  10. You are being very kind. While Johnson is very corrupt, he is hardly in control of the figures around the world, which overall tell a similar tale.
  11. That seems possible to me. The pound has already fallen considerably to what might be fairly stable level, about €1 or a dollar and a bit. At that point, people will be poorer, supply chains will stabilise or get worse. But, you will be a good bit poorer.
  12. We have decided on St Helens. I think they will like it.
  13. The two issues seem of inflation seems to be (please, correct me here) the strength of steriling and rising costs for obtining goods. For getting hold of goods, we can consider that trade barriers from brexit are barriers to trade. Prices are rising generally, and those trade barriers mean they must rise further in the UK. There is not much the BoE can do about this. We then have the strength of the pound, which is down against the USD, EUR and even my own DKK. This is all they the only part of inflation then really tackle with interest rates, rather than inflation overall. Is that right?
  14. Yes, that makes sense to me. The horrific irony is that by separating people like Us from the Them who do these things, we are dehumanising Them, which is exacty how so much evil starts. My rule of thumb is about 5% of people are pretty frankly horrific in their outlook, which about another 5% as borderline. Then there are may normal ordinary people in the grey area who are easily swayed. . Unless we count ourselves amongst the angels, we have to be careful not to be swayed.
  15. It is tempting to make Them out to be completely other. It is better than accepts hideous things are done by people like us.
  16. OK, so that is a vote for St Helens. The only question now is the exact venue. The rugby stadium has some halls: https://www.totallywickedstadium.com/
  17. Birmingham is still close to London, well connected by rail, road and train.
  18. There has been movement to Idaho also. California is 40 million people. Lots of them, like me, moved for work and will move out again too. People also move from Texas to California. I suggest, the main issue California has in its cities is they have designed urban sprawl, and even mandated it. This means unaffordable housing, lengthy communtes and extortinate rent. And, homelessness and associated social problems.
  19. Thanks. Of course, many on this thread will know people who work in or close to ICU and they know the truth of this. For me, we have to accept human beings as they are, which includes their poor judgement and making decisions from a myriad of psychological hang ups and short term instincts. Just as smokers and over-eaters should be eligible for treatment, so should the unvaxxed. And, I call BS on those claiming they would happily refuse treatment, bar room bravado.
  20. It is bizaare though. It is not an appeal to authority as an outside figure. It is more "I am the best because I am me", therefore the only acceptable authorities are the ones that agree with them. They argue ICU nurses know nothing, whereas some reported nurse met on holiday on France is authorative. We should not believe the political propaganda they argue, and cite a political blog as proof.
  21. It is funny this nurse is cited as an authority, those working in ICU seing almost all their patients are unvaccinated are not seen as being as qualified as the numbnuts on this thread. It really is dishonest.
  22. I feel mixed about this. Someone caught speeding after a beer does not expect to be sent to gaol. Yet, the difference between then and someone who kills someone is largely luck.
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