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  1. Yes. If they think most student common rooms have portraits of the Queen, they are in for a shock
  2. They should. We use them here and they are simple and practical.
  3. Indeed. The geography and relative lack of cultural difference make things far easier. That said, the EU is a useful mitigation. But, that there is an abundance of great products available in a port like Vigo that are absent from ports a few hundred miles away in the UK is telling. English is the language of business in Europe, with or without the English population.
  4. With no expertise, but experience of working around Europe and the USA, it seems clea why the USA has moved ahead. The size of market required for a major company has increased. A big company in the UK is no longer a big company globally, but has to be a niche company. To expand in Europe is difficult, there are too many langauges, national Governments, economies and cultures. Few chains will work seamlessly across even Dennmark, France and the UK. Whereas, Hawaii, Alaska and California could be largely seamless. The EU mitigates these issues, but they are still substantial
  5. I said you were a dick. That has been enitrely vindicated.
  6. There are 1.2 million Brits in the EU. Details are here: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/populationandmigration/internationalmigration/articles/whatinformationisthereonbritishmigrantslivingineurope/jan2017 https://ukandeu.ac.uk/explainers/10348-2/ "These charts give information on UK citizens who live outside the UK. The UK government doesn’t collect this information, so these are estimates by the United Nations. The estimates are for the year 2015. The chart at the top of the page shows that an estimated 4.9 million British citizens live outside the UK. Abou
  7. it is older people voting Tory, both according to data and my own experience. The small towns that went Tory, Leigh, Batley etc are the ones young people leave to get jobs and if you have an income you can live well.
  8. I would suggest pointing at a high profile death and saying "SEE! MY SIDE!" is different. National effects can be seen on a national scale and the measures can be assessed accordingly.
  9. Force the UK into the EU? I think many brexiters think they would do that
  10. Again though, we come back to those surplus deaths. I can see there are no extra deaths in 2020 compared to normal in Denmark and there has been a massive amount in the UK. The equivalent would have been to take every death in 2020 as a Covid-19 death, which would be stupid. @nightowl😛
  11. Yes. So every person who dies is linked and every person who does not die of Covid means nothing. These people really are warped.
  12. A person almost died and you make pathetic political points from it. That are made up. This is why you are held in comtempt.
  13. Because he is not completely stupid and gullible. You are saying words you do not understand. It is amusing at best.
  14. He writes the nonsense above and then the post below...
  15. You do not actually understand the terms you are using. People regurgitate things at school and it passes as understanding. Then, they do it as adults and cannot undertand why they are not respected.
  16. I am very sympathetic and I am against it being compulsary (though I will question whether going into a crowded pub unvaccinated or tested is a right). Thalidomide is over fifty years ago, was shown to be dangerous by animal testing and was allowed anyway. This vaccine has been through far more rigourous testing and most are on established technology.
  17. It is amazing how many people consider others to be gullible and ill-informed, themselves to be smart and well informed and yet they get their info from YouTube and "MSM".
  18. Yes, it is very stupid. I have done nicely from this as a supplier to pharma. But, it has not been a fun year for us.
  19. On another forum, films were raised as an issue. The conspiracy theories that Spaniard and Agrepio are into are like the Hollywood films that they watch and then mingle with their view of reality.
  20. Yes. There is also the boogie man under the bed too. But people growing up to be as stupid and certain as you us far worse for us all.
  21. There is a forum even stupider than this one. Trump told them that Covid-19 was invented in a Chinese lab, so all the scientists saying it is implausible are dangerous leftists.
  22. I think you might be struggling to read the graph. THe graph on the left shows the probabillity of not moving out of the bottom 20%. This is more likely (i.e. to be stuck) in the USA than in the UK, and more likely to be stuck in the UK rather than France, Italy or Sweden.
  23. That is the second option. I am going with the first. I am not sure you are well informed enough to judge.
  24. If you swallow this nonsense, then you are very, very stupid
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