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  1. Oh dear another self-aggrandising fantasist Pray tell, are you going to make this fortune/take over the world before or after you've gorged your 18 year old girl friend with food so she grows bigger knockers and then slim her down into WAG material or afterwards? [email protected] There's an code monkey/computer/AI element on this forum who seem to think they are the future masters of the universe - boy are you in for a shock Look, things may work for you or they may not - please come back and tell us your world view if they do not - but thinking that future success is solely down to oneself is a sure sign of immaturity or lack of experience - and will lead to disappointment and disillusion Maybe you can feed up your "girl friend" on humble pie when it doesn't work out
  2. Very astute observations may I add - and thoroughly described by Clausewitz Clausewitz some 200 years ago in which he said: "ln any system four traits emerge and officers are a combination of two of them. The Clever, The Stupid, The Lazy, and The Industrious. 'The stupid and lazy officer will exist in any system and can be sidelined to some pointless duty' 'The clever and industrious officer is a boon in administrative tasks and makes a fine staff officer' 'The stupid and industrious officer is an absolute menace to everyone and must be removed from any position of influence' 'But the clever and lazy officer - there is your combat leader - the one who will achieve the impossible with the minimal' That's the gist of it - not word for word - but I thought it was rather interesting and explains a lot about the cocks you see stuffing things up in management
  3. So which one do you advocate? 99.9% or 50.00001% I'll take 59% at the moment, thank you very much
  4. I don't get it Presumably, the old system still goes 'bang' when we need it to
  5. What like 99.9% versus 50.000001% Come, come now
  6. Still doesn't make 52% more legitimate than 59%
  7. Like I suggested, let's go for a 100% coalition to keep you happy. You know, kind of like a government of all the losers - yeah, I like that, has a certain ring to it
  8. Is this a wind up? It's less of a majority than 59%
  9. 52% less than 59% or are you advocating a coalition of everyone - just so we can have 100% of the popular vote
  10. Yeah, let's just change the law willy nilly. It's the right thing to do
  11. Don't blame me, blame wikipedia Maybe that's the lib dems appeal/achilles heel. They try to be all things to all people - buy hey, that's what centre parties are all about I guess. I suspect we both voted lib dem for the very opposite reasons
  12. Funnily enough I was just about to post Quote from wikipedia My link "The market liberal or libertarian wing shares with social liberals a belief in basic civil and political freedoms (negative freedoms). However, while social liberals argue that the state should provide social and economic rights to its citizens (positive freedoms), market liberals criticize the government's ability to increase freedom. This criticism often manifests itself as support for greater economic freedom, causing tension between the two wings. Several MPs from the market liberal wing contributed to the Orange Book (2004),[84] a collection of essays intended to spark debate on a greater role for free-market liberalism in economic policy. Some party donors, journalists and party officials back this wing of the party.[85] Leading market liberals in the party include Vince Cable, David Laws and Nick Clegg.[84]"
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