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  1. Nearly but not quite. I started by saying that pension funds will be buying residential property and followed it up with the article which was easily found. Aviva and L&G plans are common knowledge and have been for months. The point I was making is that private consortiums and funds (life & pension) will be buying residential property (from existing property stock as well as new build) on a big scale.
  2. In an ideal world that would be great - but I have been let down by purchasers who change their mind mid way through the transaction because they have found something else - unless we adopt the french system you can't tie in one side and not the other. The gloating is of course out of order - I guess small victories to make them feel big!
  3. It will certainly make a splash - and the amateur landlords who are already hurting from void periods (rather than the rent reductions) may well see this and think about their exit strategies (if they have any).
  4. Fair point, knee jerk reaction on my part - affliction of being a newbie I guess.
  5. At last we agree on something Blue Loo - trust me I am not here for anything other than entertainment. OK handle will get people defensive on this site. Thought my post about institutional investors changing the face of the market would be considered a well thought out point.
  6. I have to agree - I would love to be bullish about the housing market as I have a massive stake in it - but I am realistic and the signs are still worrying. To date I have probably lobbed in a dozen comments and all I get back is mild abuse (even in this thread) - and on a couple of ocassions outright hostility - there really does not seem to be any constructive debate and I am involved with property for a living so thought I might bring a little depth - but not sure it is welcome here.
  7. Ref your sig. Sorry but you're flattering yourself and this site.
  8. That would be true in the real world, but in Bearland vendors are not allowed to try to get maximum price, and purchasers must offer well under the asking price so as they get a bargain. It's a bit like socialism but further left.
  9. So I explain to someone that I know institutional investors are coming to the market because I have helped develop some of the funds, and because I get ridiculed for it - you think that makes me daft as a brush. What a funny little life you must lead?
  10. Times this morning: The Homes & Communities Agency (HCA), the government body charged with boosting the supply of homes to meet ballooning demand, said that it had received “expressions of interest†from 64 investors, builders and property managers after inviting submissions in April. Legal & General said that it had held talks with HCA, but “more clarity was needed†on the level of government assistance before it put together a full proposal. Bill Hughes, of Legal & General Investment Management, said: “The strategic case is strong and has been strong for some time. Pricing in residential is particularly attractive. However, there are limitations, such as we don’t think the blocks can be more than 60 to 100 units.†An HCA spokesman said: “Aviva was the first to go public, but we anticipate others doing the same over the coming months.†The bulk of the professionally managed homes will be built by UK-based builders and are likely to be apartment blocks, rather than houses. Sir Bob Kerslake, chief executive of the HCA, said the homes would be priced at competitive market rates and would be of a more consistent standard than is currently available via private landlords. Happy now?
  11. As per usual on this site you can't bring a fact to the table without it being ridiculed - do a tiny bit of research and you won't look quite so silly.
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