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  1. All together now (in A Harry Connick styleee) Bah, ba, ba ba baaaaaa, Bah, ba, ba ba baaaaaa............ It had to be MEW It had to be MEW I wandered around and finally found The somebody who would extend my loan on the home I don’t own and now I’m glad, just to be sad thinking of MEW. Some others I bet don’t BTL yet Might never get Sky or buy in Dubai God bless HPiiiiiiiiiiiii For nobody else gave me a thrill With all my debts, I love you still It had to be MEW, wonderful MEW It had to be MEW Some others I've seen don’t own plasma screens or hide mortgage demands, from their get rich plans, under permanent tans. Oh, nobody else gave me a thrill With all my debts I love you still Baby........it had to be MEW, wonderful MEW It had to be MEW !!!
  2. but this post falling fast. Not sure some of the SE boys on here get the picture - streets paved with gold an' all that. It really is grim up north.
  3. Don't think the link between C0_2 and temperatures needs much more investigation....... http://www.seed.slb.com/en/scictr/watch/cl...bon_dioxide.jpg ....but are humans to blame ?? Industrial revolution suggests we might be but it does look like too tempting a political tool
  4. Top three stories on NW tonight (10:30pm) - 500 jobs go at St Helens glass - 100 jobs go due to NHS cut-backs and ward closure - Former NHS consultant claims facilities are filthy...case against him dropped out of court It's a miracle economy, don't ya know
  5. Finding all these contradictory headlines are a bit bamboozling ??? May I direct you to the newspaper clippings from the previous crash.... You spin me right round, baby, right round... .....there was total confusion then too !!! Jeez - just chill out !! If you think prices are gonna keep rising then go and but somewhere (Good Luck ). If not, sit back and keep the faith. FWIW, I've never been more convinced that we're on the brink.
  6. Make Politicians History Check out their campaign..........rainbow jubilee
  7. I didn't mean the whole countryside - you were talking about a few 10 acre patches in "townified" villages and that's what I responded to. I don't think that's really likely to effect what's on my dinner plate. It was your insinuation that managed farmland was somehow more beneficial to a "wild" habitat that got my goat. I probably went off at the deep end but living in the Peak District you tend to get a chip on both shoulders over peoples misconceptions of the countryside.
  8. [spits out tea] whaagh [/coughs] Yeah, 'cos bright green, treeless, inch-high grass is such a valuable and natural UK habitat. A plot of "unmanaged" countryside.......why, that could turn into one of those dreadful meadows where things actually grow and live. Don't think that the farmers are doing you (or us) any favours.
  9. No offence, but I think you're a bit wide of the mark here Buyingbear. I'm with you on the anti-CPRE sentiment, but what's being proposed is a major industrial development - pure and simple ! Using the word "farm" in this instance is a play on words and doesn't really strengthen your argument. Developments in rural areas are one thing but industrial developments such as that are entireley different. Personally, I'm against developments of that nature, on that scale, in any location and I'm afraid I back the CPRE on this one (by proxy, anyway ). Edit: typo
  10. I bet that you look good on the dancefloor, i don't know if you're lookin' for romance, or what, i don't know what you're lookin' for I bet that you look good on the dancefloor, dancin' to electro-pop like a robot from 1984......1984
  11. ...rabid !?! It's got to be Hazel "wild-eyes" Blears
  12. An ode to WL Does Superman wear blue tights and keep away from kryptonite do old ladies get mugged at night are you the business Do workers want a living wage do rock stars lie about their age would a tiger run from an open cage are you the business are you the ****** off business is my first name John is strangeways full of prisoners am I over twenty-one are the royal family really rich is scooby-do one son-of-a bitch was wembley stadium a football pitch are you the business did Noriega knock out coke did Bob Marley like the odd smoke was Jesus Christ a decent bloke are you the business did Oliver Reed ever get pissed can Chubby Checker do the twist was Karl Marx a communist are you the business was James Dean a cool cat was Kennedy a democrat do Hacedic men wear hats are you the business will narcotics get you hooked did Dostoyevsky write the odd book was Al Capone a bit of a crook are you the business did Buddy Holly wear horn-rimmed specs is czechoslovakia full of czechs did Sigmund Freud consider sex are you the business did Elvis ever rock 'n roll did James Brown have any soul will I touch you with a ten-foot barge pole are you the business. Edit Oops - better credit the real bard of Salford (sorry RFD). <JCC>
  13. Those graphs are f'ing hilarious The LR data is clearly tanking but then, at their forecast point, just picks up, up and away. How long before they're taken off-line ?? I'd post mine but I think it's infringing copyright (according to their site). Check your area for a good laugh.
  14. You seem to misunderstand me...... I said "Some of the smaller, more remote Derbyshire villages are amongst the most deprived areas of the country (in terms of social inclusion, access to facilities etc...). ". By which, I mean social deprivation and not economic wealth. The two things are entirely different and one (wealth) can often mask another (social exclusion). If you disagree that a number of Derbyshire villages (particularly in SW) suffer from rural deprivation then we will have to agree to disagree. Monkfish You might want to check out these people.......Peak District Rural Deprivation. I can't say I've had any contact with them but at least they are a voice. I've been priced out of my village too :angry:
  15. Err, thats great....but I don't think the person who started the thread is looking to buy a country mansion in f'ing Curbar. Do you really think the areas you mention are representative of the County as a whole ?? I've found that most people treat those places as a joke - a place to rip off the Cheshire set and make millions from a tithe barn.
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