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  1. MightyChimp, quiet is good as far as i'm concerned. Aslo the recommendation of a good GP is a bonus - do you remember his/her name?

    Neil - as far as Gainsborough is concerned, I am considering a house in Morton just to the north. It seems to be totally connected to Gainsborough with little or no greenbelt between the two. The house overlooks the Trent so that is the attraction but the thought of living in a depressing little town is a huge turnoff. I read recently that some lads on motorbikes had been causing a real nuisance by riding at high speed along the riverbank in Gainsborough. They seems to keep getting away with it despite the best efforts of the police.

    Thanks for all your input. If you have any thoughts about Morton, I would like to hear them.

  2. I need to be in County Durham area and I have been trying to research which are the nicest places to live. I don't need to commute so communications are less important than attractiveness, low crime etc. To give you an idea, I have been looking at Bishop Auckland - (also Auckland Park and St Helen Auckland), Barnard Castle, Esh Winning, Witton Park. If anyone has a good knowledge of these areas, or can suggest others, I would be really pleased to hear your honest opinions so that I can focus my search before I arrive.


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