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  1. latest news is that the 2br flat is now under offer - less than 3 weeks after going on the market so I'm going to wait to se what they actually get for it... then decide what to do with my place.
  2. Thanks for this - a flat in block just went up for sale last week- 380k for 1 less bedroom so if they get 90% of asking price we would be quids in... still all the news is saying house prices are starting to stabilise...is this before another fall or will they go up again if we hang on... so difficult to know what to do...
  3. been in my 3 Bd flat for close to 5 years now - 5 mins from tube overground rail, good shops, nice parks, good schools & nurseries... Question is do I hang around and hope prices go up again ( so I get a good sale price) or sell up and move to the country side when prices are also lower there and I could get a 4bd + detached house in Kent.... for the current price of my flat? If I wait for prices to go up in Balham / Clapham - will I be able to get as good apace in Kent if prices there also start to climb.... which area might recover quicker? Any advise much appreciated!
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