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  1. Thanks for your post, one of the more credible posters left here. And just highlighting your last point, very salient, and quite sad really
  2. What so you mean all this "without parental consent" has just been a lot of fluff and noise by the anti-vax brigade to stir up more vax hostility? Who would have guessed!
  3. That is the data they scrutinize when deciding to inoculate a particular group/age. Plus they will apply a heavy bias to any harmful effects. Do you really think you are the only person to have thought of that? Or do you think you can make a better job at analysing the data?
  4. Perhaps this is why you should listen to the conclusions from the professionals? If you want to know the maths, firstly the vaccination rate for over 50s is 93% The relative risk for a vaccinated over 50 years old dying of COVID compared to an unvaccinated over 50 year old, from those figures is: (454/93%) / (205/7%) = 17% So in this case if you are vaccinated the chance of dying is 17% of the chance of an unvaccinated person dying. i.e a risk reduction of 83% Now, actually many of those reported deaths are likely to be from people older than 70 (where the risk factor goes up) and in that age group the percentage of people vaccinated is even higher, making that 83% figure even higher. Plus, most of the really vulnerable people are vaccinated, so if you account for that, again that 83% risk reduction will be higher. I think when they do all the stats they are still quoting something like 95% protection from the main vaccines? They are rightly being open and publishing all the data, but it is not their responsibility to teach everyone basic GCSE level stats so everyone can do their own calculations. Of course, this does open up the opportunity for certain people (and I am not aiming this at you btw) to post bogus conclusions based on dodgy stats and cherry picking of data and graphs to sow doubt and confusion for whatever nefarious reasons they may have.
  5. This is where they report infections by the variants: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-variants-genomically-confirmed-case-numbers/variants-distribution-of-case-data-13-august-2021 I think they report deaths by variants far less frequently (but they will be recording the data). Considering that about 99.5% of all new cases are Delta, it is likely most deaths are delta too
  6. Yes this. Because even if the Taliban commanders can control the Taliban in Kabul to not attack the airport, what about the other non-Talbian fighters who are there? Al Qaeda, Islamic State, and a range of smaller groups. Could be quite horrific.
  7. Except the Delta variant first emerged in India, a country where vaccine rates were very low at the time, and also they don't use the Pfizer vaccine there.
  8. Well spotted! The soldier has no shadow either, you would expect to see it the other side of the two afghans in the foreground. Maybe the US army is employing vampire soldiers now? That would be a scoop
  9. Good question. It is possible you could get some effect, after all some people gargle with TCP if they have a throat infection. One big target for the airborne infections is the nose, it is unlikely your fizzy drinks will be washing that out unless you laugh a lot while drinking and snort it out your nose. The throat is also often a target, so that is good. However, because of the likely size of airborne covid, it is likely to deposit in the lungs, from the trachea down to the alveoli, so sadly not much you can do about washing those out. There is a natural washing out mechanism, mucus that is constantly cleared from trachea and bronchi via cilia, that you subsequently swallow. Lots of nasty bugs get caught in the mucus and then destroyed by the stomach acid. Doesn't help the deeper regions of your lungs however, which rely on macrophages to remove unwanted material, which are less efficient. It's a bit of a battle between your bodies natural defence mechanisms and the hostile airborne material...
  10. Great, you are a sociopath. Glad we cleared that up.
  11. Desperate stuff. Outside all the geopolitics and blame, heart-breaking to normal common people so desperate and scared. The human race still has a lot of growing up to do.
  12. What happened to the Afghan army and air force? From the news it seems there has been very little fighting, did they not have any fight in them? Was it poor leadership from the Afghan government? Have they switched sides, or just run and hidden?
  13. It is normally fairly obvious who dies of COVID, because they end their life on their front with a ventilator. If you are so sure about your point of view, go visit a COVID ward
  14. Did you see the death toll in India from the Delta variant? And you say it has got weaker? Do you have no compassion?
  15. I wonder if that nurse would get charged with murder or manslaughter if some of those are found to have subsequently died?
  16. Maybe because it is happening an awful lot? There was an interesting article on the BBC about a doctor who would ask unvaccinated patients on the COVID ward why they had not taken the vaccine. After a while he gave up, said they just looked too embarrassed. Sincerely, I hope you never find yourself in that position.
  17. The short term risks of COVID are much much higher than the short term risks of any of the vaccines. This has been proven in both clinical trials (for all age groups now being offered the vaccine) and now in real world data (for all age groups who have been vaccinated for 3 months+) The long term risks of COVID are as unknown as the long term risks of the vaccines. However, clinicians have seen organ damage from COVID (lungs, heart, kidneys, and observed IQ reduction), and they haven't seen this same damage from any of the vaccines, so in this regard it is more probably that COVID will cause long term health risks. There are several COVID vaccines, if 1 was to produce long term effects I don't see why the others would follow suit, whereas there is one COVID virus (albeit with a few variants), so a large scale population risk from COVID is therefore higher. So logically, if you are looking at risks, the risks from COVID are higher. We always underplay risks from random chance and overplay risks from conscious decisions, it is probably an evolutionary thing and a hangover from cavemen days
  18. Yes it is cumulative. The problem is, the virus can be spread by aerosol droplets. When these droplets are of small enough size they will hang round in the air, thus increasing chance of exposure. In a big airy supermarket, with good ventilation, droplets will be swept away to the air handling units, and ether captured in filters or expelled into the outside air (where wind will disperse them). Smaller, poorly ventilated premises are more of a problem, as these droplets will hang round for much longer. Nightclubs are a problem because more people shouting creates more droplets. (Obviously the risk is proportional to how many people have COVID) Mixed messages are hard for people to understand, so to keep people wearing masks in smaller shops you give blanket advice to wear masks in all shops. As soon as people stop wearing them in large supermarkets, they will stop wearing them in small shops too. Populations also act as herds, the more people wearing masks encourages more people to keep wearing masks. So I wear masks in all shops suffering only a very small inconvenience, because I believe it it helps keep other people wearing masks when they visit the corner shop, and thus helps protect shop workers there.
  19. Post market surveillance is mandatory for any pharmaceutical drug or device. In the case of the large number of COVID vaccines we currently have, these will be under particular scrutiny due to their importance. You can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postmarketing_surveillance
  20. Funny, but people who argue on here are probably much closer in views than they realise: - Masks in public transport? Yes (we agree) - Masks outside? No (we agree) - Masks in shops? Yes (we disagree) And for me, the shop one is probably marginal. The reason I say yes, is because the poor staff who work in shops are a lot more exposed than the public who just visit the shops. If it stops someone coughing and spreading it to the shop workers, then it is worthwhile encouraging people to wear them in shops.
  21. Very similar to where I live in the south, maybe 9/10 people in shops wearing masks, busses still look mainly empty, commuting to London is way down on what it used to be, pubs and restaurants have people in, but still see lots of social distancing. Hardest thing to get right in the models is knowing what peoples behaviour will be. Great to be in a country where we can open up and yet still not overload the health system, has been a massive vaccine enabled success story.
  22. Well, there is no gold standard "mirror" test so you are right to be sceptical. There is a lot of research out there showing the evils of mirrors, so must be true, right? A few select findings: Knowing what I know now, what I have experienced and witnessed in my life, I’m here to tell you guys something. Windows, mirrors and television screens are portals to other dimensions and like the ouija board, they are also invitations to paranormal activity. https://caroldao.medium.com/are-mirrors-and-windows-portals-to-other-dimensions-686c9ef90b8f Most of the mirror-portals that I know do not reverse the image — there is no left-right reversal in the “mirror.” The trouble I find is that some of these portals are one-way streets. You can enter, but you can’t leave (via the same portal). So I don’t use them anymore. They are a pain (to find your way back). https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-tell-if-my-mirror-is-a-portal Did you know? The mirror next to your bed may be a doorway for spirits. A gateway through which they can come and go. Often, your own reflection in the mirror may show another figure behind. Mists and silhouettes, which are invisible to the naked eye, may give a momentary glimpse in the mirror. After all, they have always been called a window into another world. A spirit world. https://www.dailyo.in/arts/mirror-ghosts-supernatural-spirit-world-superstitions/story/1/27433.html Amazing what you can find online
  23. Nice, using anti capitalist messages to spread your anti-vax BS
  24. OK if people were really magnetic you could test it easily by passing a compass near them and seeing the needle swing, not sticking metal object to them. But no, we see none of that, much harder to fake. Whereas sticking something to your sweaty clammy skin is much easier to do and then claim you are magnetic. That people believe this rubbish, or that the PCR test doesn't work, or that COVID is just flu, or that there have been no excess deaths, or that the vaccines are not working despite all the masses of evidence that they are, well, that people believe in any of these is a joke against humanity: As a species we aren't as smart as a we like to think we are.
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