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  1. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is then and support a second reforendum, which you obviously think you will win and will give a mandate for a no deal brexit...
  2. Is this not just the modern day version of how the USSR used to spin tractor production during the cold war?
  3. They already know this but as long as they can make a fortune without working they don't care
  4. Whats the difference between inflation and a currency losing 80% of its value in a year?
  5. What if you lose your job and so can't buy a house anyway?
  6. I presume you needed to do that when you got an email about some unclaimed inheritance money someone needed to get out the country? You should make a tidy profit
  7. How is the economics of mining working out for you guys on here? A few months ago there was lots of talk about which alts were being mined and the profit being returned but haven't heard much since.
  8. The reason I think bitcoin will eventually fade is this: For someone to make a profit of $1000 by trading bitcoin, several people have to make a combined loss of $1000. It can run as a Ponzi for a while but eventually someone has to pay. Now, when bitcoin was positioned as a digital currency I got it. Ten people would happily make a loss of $100 each if it allowed them to buy things in the internet with bitcoin that they could not buy with $, allowing one person to make a profit of $1000. Now however bitcoin has been positioned as a digital asset. People will only make a loss by accident if they gamble on the price going up and lose. Last year a lot of people gambled and many lost or are holding losses allowing others to cash out with big gains. Now I struggle to see who else will invest, after seeing such falls in the value and so many people getting burnt. Assets need some people to see an intrinsic value in them to allow others to make an investment gain. Maybe over time people will forget and greed will take hold again, people can be irrational, but I doubt it. On top of this, Bitcoin takes such a huge amount of energy to run, that value is also taken out of the system to pay for energy costs, so some people have to lose money for the price to just stand still. If bitcoin can get back to being seen as a digital currency then it can survive and even thrive. If not, another coin, or maybe coins that run much more leaner, will take its place. Or maybe people will see bitcoin as a way of getting money out of a country in an emergency, in which case they are happy to take a loss? That is gambling on some country imploding To all those that got in early and cashed out near the peak, congratulations. To all those who jumped in too late and got burned, sorry guys, take it as a life lesson and don't forget it is only money. To all those who are still holding with gains, good luck, I hope you don't see your nest eggs dwindle away.
  9. Since the attack Syria hasn't launched any further chemical attacks to murder its own civilians.
  10. Not sure if this has been posted here before, but the figures on this site are ludicrous: https://digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energy-consumption Bitcoin's current estimated annual electricity consumption* (TWh) 62.92 Electricity consumed per transaction (KWh) 888 How can this be sustainable? Especially as the power usage is going up month by month currently.
  11. Yes, but there are many many more science views which started as a minority of one that have proved to be totally wrong.
  12. Retiring at 55 (after 30 years of work) 200k pot will get you a pension of about £8.8k Also, fees to manage the pension fund eat away at capitol growth quite a lot, let alone any crash in share prices etc.
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