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  1. Not always. Apparently the troll farms recruit from amongst the brightest. Woops sorry just checked, it is the dimwits and alcoholics.
  2. Are you saying that the Russian anti-missile defence for their fleet is so bad that every missile will hit and sink a ship?
  3. Some people are more susceptible than others. Numerology, conspiracies, religion, they are all the same
  4. Ask (T)rollover, he has inside knowledge of professional fake accounts
  5. Stop and search is a tough one though. How much violent crime do you prevent by catching would be criminals before they carry it out? How much violent crime do you stop by discouraging would be criminals to carry weapons (for fear of getting caught) How many law abiding people do you alienate by stopping and searching them when they have done nothing wrong How many of those alienated people then give up on the system and turn to crime? For me, if you end up alienating a lot of innocent people, that is a price too high to pay
  6. Also notice the rusty street sign pole next to the wreck. It would also have been caught in the resulting fire, and likewise all protective paint burnt off and then the heat enhances oxidation = rusty
  7. So nothing about PR to reduce the risk of UK getting nil points in Eurovision then? /s It will be interesting to see how it is spun in Russia. Probably something about "look, this shows we were right to invade special military opperation Ukraine before they joined NATO as the plan as to encircle us". But I wonder how many people start to wonder "Did FInland and Sweeden join NATO because we invaded Ukraine?" Dangerous time to be alive
  8. If the UK got nuked I would go to any country where my family was safe. I would prefer to go to an English speaking country for sure, but honestly safety would be my first priority, languages can be learned. To turn the question round, are you saying that if the UK got nuked, and you didn't have the option of going to an English speaking country, you would just stay in the UK?
  9. Probable. It is mentally sapping arguing with professional trolls. Anyway, does it really matter? Six months ago they were pushing the narrative that the Russian army was all powerfull, now the narrative has been reduced to "It's all going to plan, and don't forget I can always get my dad on you use nukes"
  10. Thanks for posting that, really interesting. The parallels with Nazi Germany's "Wunderwaffe" towards the end of WWII are quite amazing. The Wunderwaffe was mainly a propaganda tool to claim they had "wonder weapons" that would change the course of the war and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
  11. Yes it is a dilema. On one hand they are ordinary people working for a living. On the other hand they are supporting a genocidal state. Also don't forget you are sparring with an account, I expect different people run it at different times.
  12. Yes, it is hard to seperate sport from politics completely. On a related note, will be interesting to see the popular vote for Eurovision 2022 - Ukraine to get top spot from most European countires? The interest will be Ukraine votes from places like Geogia, Azerbaijan? And then what will be the popular vote from Serbia?
  13. Hah! Hope your granny never eats the cakes you bring to her 🤣
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