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  1. Has no one noticed yet...... 10% of £39bn is £3.9bn so the article should say up to £4bn!
  2. This can only be because they are worried about being insolvent if prices drop. Banks are meant to have no interest in the 'market' and are lending against the asset. This is just them saying "oh crap the assets might go down in value, we need the government to intervene" Remember - house prices only ever [are allowed to] go up!
  3. This graph has always amused me, not only do they have the red trend line increasing meaning that at some point in the future houses will be worth more than all the money in circulation but it is actually exponentially increasing (curving upwards) so it is getting more detached from reality going forwards. There is no argument I can think of to make it curving up rather than a straight line (someone please correct me if needed).
  4. I don't see this happening, there are people with huge resources that think they can benefit from the problems of private landlords. These companies are being given huge amounts of money by banks in this crazy world where astronomical amounts of funny money get thrown around. As long as the banks are happy that property is a 'safe' investment they will continue to fund the crazyness. it will take the risk profile to change for them to start pulling the money back (taking the umbrella back when it is raining) but will the government allow this? If Boris gets in and Brexit happens ther
  5. I never said he was a good business man or not a risk taker. But he wouldn't have made the money to go bankrupt each time without being a good negiatiator. Anyway I am not here to defend Trump, the fact that he was elected shows how bad everything has got around the world. It is insane that America's impression to the world is Trump sitting in the white house doing his tweets. Trump and Musk both need baby-sitters in between them and their phones to avoid serious mistakes being sent out.
  6. This is complete rubbish, a good negotiator would have seen the end game they were being pushed towards and would have realised it was not acceptable to anyone. A good negotiator also would have done some posturing, there would have been loads of propaganda that a no deal Brexit was ok and would make themselves be seen to be preparing for it. The EU was in complete control of the media information war throughout the process. This is nothing to do with liking Trump but over the past x years in business he has shown that he is a very shrewd negotiator. Your comment shows that y
  7. Ok, so I am not alone. A lot of people from this country died to avoid us following rules from Europe with no recourse. Now we want to voluntarily sign up to basically the same agreement (albeit with a more friendly foreign government). One ironic thing is that the original article 50 put some obligation on Europe to try sign a fair agreement and let us leave but the 'Brexit' agreement has nothing of the sort.
  8. How naive are you? There is no time limit and no obligation for EU to sign a new deal. There is no way anyone would give up the high ground if they already hold it. This means the EU will only sign a new deal if it is in their interest to do it so the next deal has to be at least as good as this for the EU. If I was the EU as soon as this agreement becomes legally binding I would start using my influence to get companies, banks, manufacturers to move from the UK into Europe. I would start passing laws that shift future decisions in my favour with regards to future investment.
  9. No one in their right mind would sign May's 'Brexit' deal, it is not Brexit at all so as far as I can tell it will be the complete opposite of what the Brexit voters wanted. Neither is it what the Remainers wanted. I can't understand why anyone is trying to push forward an agreement that zero people in the country want. 1) My first choice at the current time is to rip up article 50 2) My very close second choice is No Deal Brexit 999999999) The other option seems closer to selling the entire country to a foreign power for minus £65bn. The agreement from what I have read say
  10. The chances are that you would never get it back. Overheads and regulation increase very quickly and you get inefficiencies employing people rather than doing it yourself and having to manage them all. I would guess that the percentage of companies that make this jump successfully would be a minority rather than a majority. The current system favours people who are willing to do cash work and tricks to stay under the threshold rather than people who honestly want to expand a company and pay the taxes as intended. Some change is needed as currently an individual tradesman just chargi
  11. So what exactly does this mean, the Germans want to sell us a BMW for £40k, What happens? Surely if this is going to mess with everyone's economies then there will be a vote round it. The Europeans are trying to scare us into a new Brexit referendum.
  12. There is no reason we are doomed yet. What is clear is that In the UK there is a blame game going on where everyone is trying to trying to save their own face (kind of shows why the population voted out) The hedge funds banks etc are trying to pedal their own agendas to make money out of this (panic/swings) We are extremely important to our European trading partners including Germany (you can see this by the comments and blaming going on from the other end - they are almost more worried than us and their stock markets fell further than ours!) Europe is an equally important trading partner
  13. "If we look at buy-to-let throughout history, except for one relatively small dip caused by one or two lenders during the financial crisis, buy-to-let arrears have been half the level of owner-occupation" Is this not because the lenders repossess or take action on BTL arrears but leave OO alone (as its their home).
  14. Have you any evidence on this? I thought it was the other way round, sugar is added to everything these days. (even the salad I bought from Tesco the other day had sugar added to the chicken, the sauce and the peppers)
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