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  1. Oh well done, shame they dont have a smiley for a slow hand clap.
  2. I work in IT. I've noticed that a lot of my colleagues do "homer's". Usually this gives them a little cash which they then go out and spend and the govt gets their cut, and the economy is boosted. I wonder how much this would be affected by,"You fix my PC network and I'll weld you're car for it's MOT"?
  3. mate, you should check out Cumbernauld. Not only is it the armpit of Scotland, with the amount of roundabouts in it you'd figure the locals would know how to use them. I had one guy turn right from the left hand lane on a three lane roundabout, he cut across all three lanes too, made sure he missed no inch of the road. Then turned and did angry faces when I applied the brakes and horn sharpish. I accept it if you put up a hand in a, "sorry i'm an idiot", kind of way. But thats just dangerous driving pure and simple. Thank the lord I dont live there anymore. Had a cyclist today bang on my rear window after he cut me up on the road and I had to swerve to miss him. I was leaving enough room for a little lady on a cycle. He, Urban cycle commando that he was, decided he could skip round me from behind and cut across my face. I ended up on the other side of the road and hit the horn. Then passed him and forgot about him, he sped up behind and thumped the window. When I hit the brakes thinking he had hit me accidentally he shot round the front and sped up a side road. I followed him and we had a chat about the highway code. I think the poor guy actually wet himself. He sees a forty year old bald guy in a saloon car and thinks he can bully him. What he got was 6'2", 100 kilo's bent nosed martial arts instructor in his face. I would accept with most big trucks its down to the fact that when I choose to pass, I go invisible for a certain amount of time between mirror and side window. As long as I accept this and am very aware of it I seem to be okay. Obviously not accounting for nutters, but you can get those in any vehicle.
  4. Does this imply that there were only 5 per 100 million for any other vehicle? 62-(36+21) Surely that isn't right. As a driver, and a biker too I can pretty much guess what my eighteen wheel brothers are going to do. whereas a maniac sales rep will always leaving me guessing.
  5. Getting rarer due to Banger racers. To be honest missus wanted it ( weirdo ) and I looked at the decks, did a quick measurement and decided we could fit mats for our MA class. Better than a van. Of course its a lovely old British classic ( I remember my uncle having an original ) which means its a fix or repair daily job. And it is probably the most comfortable car I have ever driven. Like a big armchair on a barge due to the Hydrolastic. People laugh when you pick up wood from B&Q in it. Not so much when you get your shopping from tesco.
  6. Thought about buying B16 EVL for my missus 1980 BL Princess Hearse. Thankfully I couldn't as it would make the car look younger than it was. Between that and the fact it would have cost me twice as much as the car itself...... ...I'm good thanks.
  7. Hey, long, LONG time lurker. Bought my dream house last year at 33% off. So completely settled forever. 40 years old. Very married, two kids. Two jobs. Network analyst in edinburgh ( or as we call it "pretend London" ) and martial arts instructor. Started lurking before I sold my old place and bought my new one, and kinda hung around for a year waiting for the sky to fall. Obviously it hasn't completely yet, but we can all still hope huh?
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