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  1. Hmmm... Wasn't really so cheeky then, was it? Unless "cheeky" means "slightly less insane" in your dictionary.
  2. "Look! Things improving dramatically since Osborne booted out!" About as good a propagandist as he was a chancellor, apparently.
  3. Seconded. I propose that all residential construction activity in London henceforth be referred to as "flatshitting".
  4. Can't help wondering whether rumblings of an imminent crash were partly responsible for May's surprising decision to call an early election. Which, if true, would be a good thing - an indication that they're planning to ride it out rather than trying to hold it up.
  5. "Residents can also enjoy a state of the art gymnasium, swimming pool and holistic spa, a digital entertainment suite with private cinema and virtual golf, and spacious lounge and library area." Curiously, they forgot to mention what the service charge might be. I'm sure that was just an oversight.
  6. Still tricky to prove unless you actually catch them in the act, though. Otherwise EA1 could joe-job a competing EA2 by moving their boards somewhere inapplicable and reporting them.
  7. Of course it matters. There are lots of things other than housing that require large sums of money; retiring early, for example. Just because you can pay a grotesquely inflated price doesn't mean you should.
  8. Yup, £1500pcm is pretty normal* for a middling-quality 1-bed flat anywhere in Zone 2 with even vaguely decent transport links. * "normal" adjusted for the current howling batshit insanity, I mean
  9. Yes, Shaun's definitely one of the good guys. I've been following his blog for a while now.
  10. I've seen quite a few reductions and things staying on the market for weeks if not months. Not sure how best to take advantage, other than maybe going for shorter contracts in the expectation that you'll be in a better position when it comes time to renew/extend, and that a LL can kick you out after 6 months anyway. IME EAs are very reluctant to put anything nonstandard in a contract, though, so insisting on weird terms might hold you up quite a bit. (Remember EA and LL interests overlap but don't coincide.)
  11. Yes, I think this one is really important, especially now that we're likely to be outside the EU's protectionist umbrella. Higher housing costs -> higher wage costs -> UK unable to compete effectively in the global economy -> higher risk of losing your job if you have one, less chance of finding one if you don't.
  12. Or possibly people wondering whether it's time to sell up.
  13. Does that mean they're NOT including people who've fallen for one of the "loan consolidation at low low rates, only available to homeowners!" scams?
  14. No, see, our wise and perspicacious lords on the MPC will "look through it". Again. I can't see anything much changing for the better with Carney at the helm, and I'm getting an uncomfortable sense that May is too scared of spooking the City to boot him out as she did Osbourne.
  15. And not a single Chancellor in all that time thinking to themselves, "Hmm, polls for next year's election look a bit dicey, I know what'll perk them up a bit..."
  16. The lack of rate cut was a promising sign; maybe someone had words with him. Not sure if he's likely to be fired, though; he was always very much Osborne's glove puppet, but I don't think the govt will want to spook the markets more than they have to.
  17. That graph appears to show the number of dwellings per 1000 people dropping since about 2008.
  18. Interesting;do you have a source for that? Not doubting you, I'd just find it useful in discussions.
  19. Telegraph - Five things Theresa May can do to solve Britain's housing crisis Given that it's the Telegraph I didn't have high hopes for this, and the first 4 were the usual platitudes, but when I got to number 5 my heart skipped a beat: Make houses harder to buyFinally, Mrs May should abolish all demand-side subsidies for prospective first-time buyers, such as the Help to Buy and Starter Homes initiatives. By propping up purchasing power these are self-defeating, using taxpayers’ money to make housing more expensive for everybody. Am I dreaming? Or is the cluestick finally being applied to the correct skulls? I thought all the hope had been beaten out of me over the last decade and a half, but if the govt has the nous to realize that a) things can't go on as they are and if they trigger a crash now they can blame it all on Brexit and maybe even get it all over with by the next election, then maybe, just maybe...
  20. I wasn't really discussing it; they made a comment assuming I'd voted Remain and it felt dishonest to keep quiet and let them think that.
  21. Not sure what you mean - I stupidly typed "the Leave camp and media" when I obviously meant "Remain", but to clarify, I voted Leave and am hoping for an HPC. (Though that's not why I voted the way I did.)
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