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  1. Thanks m8 I have to agree there still looks like a bit of price correction to go. I am so looking forward to cheep and quick flights to Europe,and real ale etc. I'll keep u posted. Anyway it's nearly midnight here and the effects of rough Aussi wine are having there effects,God bless Britania. Regards Pigdog
  2. Actually It's the sunshine Coast and yes it is waterfront No not 75k about 150k 10 years age......don't get me wrong it nice,very nice in the winter,46 degrees in the summer with 100% humidity, Paradise! And I agree there are plenty of poms very happy with the place and good luck to them,but i'me bored with it.
  3. The other day myself and a number of ex poms had a few drinks .At the beginning of the night in typical Brit fasion everyone slaged off the UK much to the delight of the Aussie guests.At the end of the night all of them admited they would go back in a heart beat if they could afford it.Sory to say it but Australia is a cultural wastland at the bottom of the word.Having said that I could always come back if I had to. We are cashed up courtsy of Kevin Rudds amaing stimulus measures The property market is riding high on the crest of a very tempuary wave !!! god help them
  4. I know it's bad, but I'me a student here at the moment not through choice (we have unemployment close to UK and rising) and at the end of the day I can study in the UK as easy as OZ the pound is great for us athe moment and probably not to be repeated.The economy here is small and very fragile,There simply isn't enough people to sustaine a long resesion.Om top of that I am sick of bloody Australians (well some of them anyway)
  5. Well it's been great fun but it's time to come home,for several reasons but a very week pound is quite an atractive one to start with. I'me looking for a house in the 300k range,things are looking pretty afordable I am pleased to say.But it's hard to get the feel of the market from here.Target area is Norfolk, any ideas????
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