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  1. Well everyone can either wait for the crash or make the crash happen, I bought in Oct 2008 for 25% off asking price, borrowed 3.5 times my one income (excluding O/T bonus) popped down 20% deposit that was saved during renting a lovely dump (honestly I loved the place) with no heating/carpets etc. The house (3 bed semi off road parking etc) I bought was 165,500 (original price) to 122,500 (sold to me price). Got 25 year repayment. The chronology of the transaction does not matter, the price is what matters. Back in my part of the country back at market top, there were 15 sellers for every buyer. That's pretty much carte blance to do offer what the hell you want. Never pay over the odds. Never buy stuff you don't need. If you need it, save for it.
  2. I like your method of arguing against something I didn't say, no wonder you have almost 10000 posts in a year, I'm sure loads of us didn't say many things in that time for you shout your opposition.
  3. Each makes his own decision, I'm buying right now, 22% off 'market top', 21% deposit, morgage is 3.6 times my one average salary, 25 year repayment, fixed for 5. One wife , two kids , three bed house two bathrooms off road parking, garden etc etc, half decent area. I'm expecting housing values to keep diving, but I'm after a home, not an investment, Not bothered if prices drop further. I always said I would buy when I get to 3.5 times one wage packet (ok so I also said with 10% deposit), but it's the right thing for me. I'm well within my minor tolerance of tradition affordability. Thank you all on here for your insight into the insane for the past 4 years. I'll look in on your from time to time [wipes tear from eye]. Unpack the judge, the light is green the trap is clean, kneel before zod. Diolch yn fawr. Pob lwc.
  4. I've rarely known the English to support Wales in sport. Just read Simon Barnes or Jeremy Clarkson as examples. My experience is that English tend to cheer for any team playing against Wales.
  5. Here's the letter I wrote to my MP (Lib-back-bencher) in April 2006 "Dear ####### I hope this letter finds you well. I know you are busy so I value any time you have. The gap between rich and poor is widening by the second. The foundations for this lie in the greed and corruption that underpins the countrywide property market. I know this is issue neither your, or your party’s doing but you are my only conduit to those who pull the strings. I need your assistance. I am writing to request that you use any influence you have to help highlight the urgency for substantial price corrections within the UK property market. I must express my dismay at the Government’s refusal to tackle the house price crisis. I am a potential first time buyer earning an average UK wage. I am a highly-educated, vibrant, highly-skilled private-sector family breadwinner, in other words I am the person who keeps this country afloat. There are millions of others like me throughout this country. In a nutshell, I am the now and future-entropy of this country’s economic survivability, and I have had enough. I cannot afford a core fundamental for human survival, shelter. I cannot buy at these prices. I, and thousands of other like me, the bright, the young, the skilled, the qualified, the intelligent, the energetic and the taxed are considering disembarkation of the once ‘Great’ Britain before it sinks under the weight of its own housing gluttony. Soon … no … very soon, many other like myself, the proactive contributors, the do-ers, the sustainers, the fuel, the energy, will have already left this once great isle in search of somewhere else where they can call home. Britain has priced us out. Britain has priced out the responsible. Self-certification mortgage fraud has gone unchecked and un-investigated because the criminality behind this is actively encouraged by all those with a vested interest in keeping property as a tool for the potential and permanent economic enslavement of the would-be first time buyer. Sign them up; shut them up; bleed them dry. Shared Ownership is not the answer – this artificially keeps the market high. Homebuy is not the answer – this artificially keeps the market high. Low quality ‘affordable’ housing is not the answer – this artificially keeps the market high. Keyworker schemes are not the answer – this artificially keeps the market high. Sir, the answer is very simple, easy in fact …homes we can afford, modest, but well build family homes at 3.5 times median salary. Harsh taxation of second properties can achieve this not-unreasonable goal. The chancellor’s economic ‘miracle’ is nothing of the kind. It is a cheap parlour trick designed to convince all of their meteoric wealth as they drown helplessly in permanent debt-enslavement. In other words: The tray of rat poison sure tastes good to the hungry rat. This is hardly a model of responsible economic management. The property market foundation for this ‘miracle’ is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, a confidence trick so blatant that it has hidden itself in full view on in the front pages, headline bulletins and countless cheap property make-over television shows. The media saturation of vested interest headlines explaining the ‘good’ news when house prices rise and the ‘gloom’ when they fall is a major factor in controlling public sentiment. The inability to get easy planning permission is another factor in high housing costs. The continual bombardment of ‘get on the ladder at all costs’ economic propaganda has finally worked, that’s why many of my generation, the ‘lost’ generation have decided to jump ship to live, buy and pay our tax in new frontiers, the irony is heartbreaking. My plea to you is not for myself and my family, but for others like me who do not have the luxury, skills, good-health, education or youth on their side for global relocation. Sir, (whether you have vested interest or not in high property prices) all the best to you, I sincerely hope that you can provide a voice for my economic and social kin. Sincerely, #######" His reply was one of genuine but powerless sympathy and empathy. And by the way, a genuine thanks to all on here (and apologies), whose words, ideas and philosophies I have reworded and plagiarised as my own to both vent my anger and satisfy my own ill founded intellectual vanity.
  6. Glad you agree. Get them off to make room for some andalucian indie, thrash jazz and other such untested fusions, all played by the pallid and seething offspring of suicided buy-to-debtors on inexpensive guitars.
  7. One huge positive of the looming and highly inevitable recession is that some decent songs and/or music will be released. There is nothing quite as lame as the pseudo-sentimental churnings of a happy and prosperous songwriter/composer. Just a thought.
  8. "Girl In The Office Struggling To Pay Her Mortgage" er, diddums, my heart it doth bleed, Aw there - there, Oh- how I feel her pain, her anguish only goes to twang the heart strings of my sympathy, oh woe is the poor orchin who ..... etc-etc-blah-blah-whatever
  9. All this microanalysis of the current economic pandemonium is all very nice but ... What I want to know is when prices will drop by a third. That is when I (with my slightly above average wage, ten percent deposit, zero debt and perfect credit history) will buy a home for my myself and my family to live in. The question used to be 'will it?' now the question is 'when will it?'
  10. I'm pro-life with regards to the unborn and pro-choice regarding euthanasia of the over 50's (meaning my choice not theirs). I make no apologies for this.
  11. One thing that never goes up is the chances of a healthy conception the older you get. Many overstretched idiots are going to miss the offspring boat and end up as sad lonely old crones without the cheerful voices of exhuberent grandchildren playing echoing through the tepid vestibules of their 3 bed semi detached millstones. Gents with every passing second dies the next cell cluster in the nutsack of the future opportunity. Ladies, ovaries are never what they were last year. Sun dried apricots, tick-tock, tick-tock. Evolution works in mysterious ways.
  12. My charge out rate is £150 an hour for guidance.
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