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  1. Continuously lowering of living standard for the bottom half, insecurity in emploment, dismantling of welfare safety net and transfer of remaining welfare spending to private sector agencies and the BoE buying £32bn 0f £34 bn bonds issued since August in order to continue this organised transfer of resources to the elite is now defined as a "soft landing" then. Soft for whom, exactly? Sadly this kind of drivel confirms that HPC is now the internet equivalent of Question Time. Stick to Zero Hedge.
  2. Dear Whatsisname, Have you got any idea how annoying and inconvenient it is for the vast numbers of partisan party political believers who frequent this site when you introduce facts like these? Could you please stop?
  3. Absolutely right. To look to the existing system for answers is exactly what the banker-supermarket-political corporate state plutocracy want you to do. Hence Ken Clarkes comments. He, at least and possibly alone amongst the political wing of your rulers, knows how to "do politics" properly! I can hear the howls of approval for Ken already. But, cui bono?...that's what you should ask when you hear this stuff from the people who made it happen! The real outcome would, of course, be a very pale substitue for "justice" and certainly for punishment fitting the offence and it's consequences. What does Ken imagine such a "trail" would look like? Who would prosecute? The incompetents at the FSA who let it happen (when it wasn't illegal anyway)? The CPS? They are the people who can't manage a conviction for common assault when a policeman pushes over a man who sustains fatal damage thereby! Which law have these people violated anyway? Usually, none! What would this pantomime cost? How long would it take and which towering intellect from amongst their Lordships would YOU trust to preside over such a hearing? Hutton? Yeah, stunning lack of independence of mind within a meaningless remit...we've had that before, haven't we? The patrician elite are long gone. Jury trial? You are having a fu#king laugh, aren't you? Most jury members wouldn't know fiat currency from a nissan micra. The state simply has forfeited whatever right it pretended to have to dispense "justice" to this group by being so cosy with them and, sadly, nmarks is quite right. Time to step up to the plate and look to ourselves for answers. No prison sentences or expensive pretences at "justice" required, either!
  4. Well, yes! The reason being that people do all the work, not corporate entities and, further, a "charity" does something for the public good, as does a legal aid law firm or the NHS (as examples of government / taxpayer funded systems). I have little doubt that this person would gain many more transferrable and useful skills working in either such environment compared to the learning curve one will encounter at "Poundland". I'll stick with this view until you can make a persuasive case why the psycopathic/ sociopathic entities called "companies" should not lose their "human" rights and be required to have a social responsibility clause in their articles of incorporation. Off you go, Mr C...
  5. Silly! It helps the directors of the non public service immensely...thereby immensely helping the funding of their Etonian friends to get elected....thereby helping more directors of newly created "non public" public services get immensely more taxpayer cash. It's called bringing "market efficiency" into the provision of public services.
  6. Quite. That's as concise and accurate explanation as you'll need.
  7. Errr, my thoughts say "absolutely no chance", not through the minor political inconvenience such as Hunt might become at any rate, but 10/10 for wishful thinking.
  8. Why does a small minded interest in a dead English politician of marginal relevence make tellytubby "very clever" or his little group of Thatcher-struck onanists "very bright" ?
  9. You could say the same about the majority of BTL landlords too. In fact that's what I'm doing!
  10. You want them to have a way out? Thats the very last thing they should have when TSHTF and the people are angry!
  11. Whining, scrounging, something for nothing CBI scum who won't get off their lazy backsides and cut their profit margins or their unjustifiable salaries in order to "lock in the recovery". No doubt they need a few tax breaks or free labour from their unemployed victims.
  12. I don't see why anyone has a problem with families who earn a quite a lot not getting support for their children providing every bit of the money saved goes into other areas of benefit spending for those less well off.
  13. TBH, I'd have thought thick peoples food (Dominos/McDonalds), cut price booze chains and gambling were reasonable areas to have your money to add some diversification from metals, oil, water and farm land.
  14. Course it will work out for him and the preferred investors too. Whether it will work for a real person (not an MF Global type) investing their real fiat is a better question to ask.
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