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  1. Sounds like a good idea. Let's get rid of all this namby pamby lefty liberal crap and become more imperialist and re-introduce slavery. Some of the lazy scum on benefits street and the scottish are prime targets. Then we can go and invade some countries and to hell with all these human rights things that stop us culling the insurgets / terrorists. I am up for it, good old fashioned values. Then all future generations can be rich. Our move awat from being an empire and our unwillingness to make the aggressors in WW1 and 2 really pay have got us in this mess. History tells you when you get soft and liberal it all goes to sh"t. Ask the Italians / Romans.
  2. Gordon was and Tony B Liar was worse.
  3. I just watched it on here. Is it for real? If I make the assumption that it is real then I must agree that it is absolute toss!!! Perhaps they should really be saying for people to keep their money back for their fellow countryman, pay more tax, or just save their money for the times when famine will stalk our streets. It might not be too far away. Who will help us? Malthusian theories tell us that we should leave well alone. We ignorant, do-gooding Westerners do more harm than good. Nature rules and we only make matters worse. Keep your money in your own country. Keep your pity for the poor politicians who think that this sort of shallow crap fools anyone!
  4. Look it might not fit into your, or the leftie pc brigades slant on reality, but there a significant criminal element in that community. Even the poor old Leftie BBC that is so diverse it will soon be allowing white people to get on it, shows crime watch which should tell you everything you want to know ..... black, or scouse, or manc, or mix of any of the three. Add in a bit of eastern european sepecially Romanian and Albanian and you have the picture. The rioters excuse makers are already blaming the Police for not talking to the 'community'. Who are the 'community'? Why should they be consulted? Why the special treatment? Well because they get special treatment because of their latent criminality. They should be crushed. This society should not tolerate sub societies such as these. we should not pay to subdue them. They should be policed hard and fairly. No special treatment. If they want to smoke dope and laze around then back to Jamaica. If they want Saria Law then back to Pakistan, etc, etc. Once again the law abiding and tax paying people will end up picking up the bills for this bunch od criminals. We need to stamp them out. Real bullets not water cannon. Real criminal charges with the full penalty. I would charge all of those caught with arson, rioting and looting and give them all life and stick to life. Strong message. Then announce that the next time real bullets. Then offer one way tickets out of the UK to whatever society they want to be part of and that they actually feel offers them the community the reflects their ethnic requirements.
  5. ....... Then just go round in the van to pick up the bodies later. Excatly. They are already accusing the Police of not talking to their community and using this as an excuse for their behaviour. If their community is separate then I say that they should remain so. Shoot on sight let the low level scum know that they need to behave correctly before they can join our society. police should have read the Riot Act and then gone in with guns blazing. As for anyone caught they should be charged with arson, rioting and looting if they were in the vacinity. Life imprisonment, or life in a mental institution should then follow ........ only because we do not have a death penalty.
  6. Yes I agree this summer could be very interesting, particularly if it is a hot one. The country is a bit of a tinderbox at the moment with a lot of dis-affected people around, not just one group, but many. Wonder if David CONron will suggest that we eat cake when the bread runs out?
  7. I just love these replies +++ 1
  8. there are so many to spread my hatred to. Can we start a 'Hate the politician day' or even have a specific bank holiday for it where we get to put those smug tw*ts into stocks then gag them so we cannot hear their sanctimonious comments then verbally abuse them whist pelting them with not very well rotted manure. Just imagine a great day out for all the family. A real carnival atmosphere. We could also have High Court Judges, celebs, premiership footballers and other laothsome individuals.
  9. Nutjob here; Davey CONron did not have to jump into the nearest phone box and put on his superhero suit. He could left a sovereign state alone. If it was just revenge I could go for that, but it should have been years ago. This is just following the instruction of the Yanks to clear up the mess made by those Scottish Pariamentary tossers letting the Lockerbie bomber free. Unfortunately as this sham goes on it becomes clearer and clearer that we have managed to become embroiled in another Yankee mess up. How can we let colums of 'rebel' tanks attack Gaddafi towns harbouring large numbers of civilians whilst stating that we are there to protect civilians. Does one civilian life differ from another? Davey boy it is a sham and you are an example of just another fake politician.
  10. Did it! Must have blinked. A stupid Contarct put in by Labour meant that a doctor works less and earns more. Means that you cannot see tha same doctor easily for continued treatment and foreign doctors are flown in to cover for the NHS one when they are on the golf course, etc. Of course your GP liked Labour! See above and yes who paid for it all. Not the bankers it was the taxpayer. Yes all are bound to fail until they learn to run the big things big and small things small. Then it would work. Procurement big, delivery small. Here here. Agreed.
  11. Oh well it is just for oil. At least that would be honest rather than the sanctimonious wailing about protecting civilians.
  12. Even sh*t attracts flies, so perhaps it will work for some
  13. Not sure about Big Society, but it could be a subliminal message about resurgent British Imperialism. If you want evidence just look at our activity in Lybia.
  14. Yeehaa sing that song!!!! Those cowboys sh*t all over this country but the great unwashed will never see it as long as they are getting their benefits. Problem is that CONron does not have a clue either. Well, unless firing a lot of missiles and dropping bombs gives an economic lift to our economy. Could work.............................. mmmmmmmmm!!
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